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Posted 11/4/14 , edited 11/4/14
It would be cool if Crunchyroll added the ability to download episodes to the iPhone/iPad/Android/PS Vita/Windows Phone/etc. for Premium users and use a similar DRM method as Spotify/PlaystationPlus where you can use it without Internet connection, but it has to call home once a month to make sure your subscription is still active. This would be great to be able to watch episodes when on-the-go and you don't want to use up all your mobile data or you don't have access to mobile data (such as on an airplane).

Also, it would be cool if the Crunchyroll app was updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus native resolutions.

Lastly, it would be cool to have feature parity on all platforms for the free streaming.
Posted 11/4/14
the idea of downloading sound pretty neat
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Posted 11/4/14
That's not bad idea. I already have the iPhone App for CR, but it'd be cool to be able to download episodes. So I can watch Case Closed anywhere when I'm going to America or other countries.
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Posted 11/5/14
currently, downloading is not legally possible unless a new DRM scheme is adopted. Currently, to my knowledge it is not in the works, but that can always change.
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Posted 8/10/15
hate to dig up an old(ish) thread, but i think drm downloads sounds like a great idea. i was hoping there was a solution like that anyway but apparently not. As someone who usually has to travel a lot with work and sometimes in remote places, this would be a god send.

On the flip side, if crunchy ever wanted to sell digital copies of shows (similar to how you buy shows from itunes) i think this would increase sales. so say you download a series like 'no game no life', every few days you are required to at least connect to crunchy so it can verify (few kb file/cookie, hardly going to kill mobile data or struggle on a kb/s connection). by day 6 you decide 'F*ck the DRM, the digital series is only $12 and i can watch it anywhere, anytime. Files are already downloaded, just a quick authentication process to remove the file restrictions and you are done!
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