Deadly Roses and Shadows
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Posted 11/6/14
Hihi! So I've been watching a lot of anime lately... so I wanted to get back into writing and start something I haven't written yet. This part is just the overall Plot of the story, and 5 main Characters. I didn't want to get too much into the story without some feedback. ALSO the characters have more depth to them, I just want to see where this story would take me.

Deadly Roses and Shadows.

Characters and Classes:

Norio Ito – “The Magic Knight”
Norio has always had a level-minded aspect to his personality; he wants peace and fairness amongst all the corruption in the world of dark magic. Since he was born into a world with powers, he knew what he wanted from the beginning. Since joining the school of training and magic, he wants to lead an army.

Hiromi Yukimura – “The Samurai”
Hiromi has that asset of beauty and she uses it to her best ability; she sweet, and a kind soul but to an extent. She has trained her whole life for a war she knew would happen in her life time, after losing her parents to an assassin; she wants to revenge her parents. She’s fast, silent, and seductive.

Rein Chiba – “The Assassin/Duel Wielder”
Rein has a melancholy type of personality, he uses it to his advantage to stay undercover, and he often wonders what happiness is. Being born into a family of Assassins he was pushed into the “dirty” way to get his assignment done, but that path wasn’t for him. His sense of sarcasm tends to offend people, he just smiles.

Emiko Kishi – “The Nature Witch/Beast master”
Emiko Has never felt ashamed or insecure about being a witch, her powers are strong and effective on enemies. She gets her powers from nature and emotions, and then she creates spells and potions suited for war. She is normally considered weird because she talks to plants and animals, but she could care less.

Aneko Miyata – “The Bow and Blade Ranger”
Aneko Has forgotten his past, one day he woke up alone with a letter written from someone he once knew. His skills are dangerous. His upbringing is unknown but his personality is caring and considerate.

After the City of Tokyo has been cursed by wishes of evil, silence of war has broken out between those with powers, and abilities. Every 10 years the world freezes, and that’s when the ones who are meant to fight come out and train, but at a school just for them. The students who attend are neither, good or bad… they fight to exist in the world that is there’s. Everyone that they know without powers are replaced by copies and everything continues as usual business,

when the war is over… If the Light side win, each team of 5 that control and protect different districts will be granted a wish, and things go back to normal. If the Shadow side win, a tragedy happens with everyone on the teams and sometimes world disasters around the world.

The training ground consists of taking out targets throughout Tokyo. These targets can be corrupt business men/women, government experiments, and test Shadow groups. The 5 people that lead these groups have high skill sets, and strong mental mind-sets. These five need to bond and have an instant connection in order to win this battle. Every class is recommended to cross-train in other classes so they have a better chance of winning.

Primary class is their main strength and ability, the person that holds the power are either born into it, or they have been created into it.

Secondary class is optional but recommended; this class is meant to enhance the person’s abilities. Secondary classes are harder to learn and master.

Since the world is now a modern time, anything can be used as personal weapons. They can use magic to enhance the weapon… but once you pick your weapons of choice, they are bonded to you and only you. Bonding with weapon is painful and draining.

Thanks again! for reading, constructive criticism is appreciated!
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Posted 12/23/15
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