how important is customer service for you?
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I don't think many people realise the importance of customer service. I've never worked in such a field or study about it. But as a customer myself... i know what sort of customer service makes me happy.

I voted "Very important". i like customer service that replies quickly, has enthusiastic tone (instead of that robotic tone where you know someone's worked there for like 20 years and lost all life energy), can solve an issue quickly, and can compromise (e.g. we can't refund, but we can offer such and such as an incentive).


What about you?

1. What makes a good customer service for you? Do you have high or low standards?


2. What would you rate Crunchyroll's customer service?

Only had to communicate with CR customer service once because i didn't know where a voucher code was, and it was a good experience for me as the reply was prompt.


3. What are some business fields that tend to excel in customer services and business fields that are horrible in customer services?

MY OPINION: I find that restaurants tend to have the worst customer services... if you ask them to bring something, they'll forget about it, sometimes you have to ask them 3 or 4 times. Sometimes they bring the wrong thing, and never compromise for it.

I find that banks have really great customer services, the people are always polite, and talk professionally and solve problems really quickly.
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Some restaurants are like that although I don't know of any that I've been to that was that bad. I don't consider Quiznos a restaurant but that's the only place where the girl at the counter was so rude(seemed insulted I came in with a coupon) I have not been back since my 1st visit years ago.
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depends on where I am and how much customer service I need.

I don't expect a hell of a lot of it, at, say a library.

At a restaurant, if they get my food and drinks on the table, that's awesome. Went somewhere recently where they tried to do an awesome job, and constantly refilled my drinks.... except I ordered green tea, and they kept refilling it with water (like everyone else at my table had ordered)....

Good customer service can backfire very easily. I'm just happy to be served quickly and efficiently. Google (the search engine itself, not the company, whom you can't reach for ANYTHING) is the ultimate in customer service really. You start typing and it's automatically, trying to use its vast sources of info to find out what you need as soon as possible, and then provides you with its best answer first. What more can you really want?
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I find it very annoying when the staff don't know their products.
I also don't like it when they ask me to wait while they get the manager to question me about what I'm going to do with my things.

I found CR's CS to be more responsive in the forum than in emails.
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Nobody wants to deal with anybody. Just remember that. People only care for them self and their immediate family, that's it.

Once you realize that, life gets easier.
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