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Posted 11/7/14 , edited 11/7/14
Roll up! Roll up! Come one, come all and have your subconscious analyzed by...
Professor Suzuki's Fantasmagorical
"tell us your dreams, we'll tell you what it means"


How it works...
1. You post what the dream above you means.
2. Give us your dream for the next person to analyze.


So, here's my dream to get us started...

Robert Downey Jr came over to my house for Christmas, I chucked a load of instant noodles in my sister-in-law's face, and a Colossal Titan toy danced for us all while speaking in the voice of Rodney Dangerfield.
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Posted 11/7/14 , edited 11/7/14
The dream means that you need to show far more respect for your toys who, clearly feel disrespected. Also, the noodles chucked at your sister-in-law is clearly symbolic of a high five. You will be giving her a huge high five at the next Avengers premiere.

DREAM: I am floating in a sea of cucumbers. Not sea cucumbers, but...ground cucumbers. In the distance I see a small island made of pancakes with a woman dressed like a Doctor sitting on the shore calling to me.

What does that mean?
Posted 11/7/14 , edited 11/7/14
You're longing for a trap who has works at Denny's.

DREAM: [This one is real too] I suddenly am the singer in Rush and I'm running around late for my first concert.
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