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Anyone know a good Otaku dating site that isn't a complete scam?
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Posted 11/8/14 , edited 11/8/14

Fanimusmaximus wrote:

Ok, so I live in the middle of old people town Florida, AKA the zombie state, and if there's one thing that is seriously void here, it's girls my age that share my interests. So by these facts I have to use the internet, but I'm not sure which is a good dating site for people like us, that doesn't try to scam you out of your wallet.

So if anyone knows some good sites for Otakus or regular American nerds, I'd appreciate if if you could share them here.

Hi. This was more of a personal thread, which are against CR 's site rules, so I'm closing it. also looks like you've probably got whatever might be useful info already--seems not to be anything otaku-specific that people are familiar with or trust, unfortunately.

Just for reference, right now we handle requests for help and advice in shared threads rather than individual threads for individual requests. If you have such requests in the future you can post there. Here's a list of the main ones:

The General Help/Advice Thread ("stickied" near the top of the General Discussion forum

The Anime Help Thread ("stickied" near the top of the Anime forum)

The Manga Help Thread ("stickied" near the top of the Manga forum)
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