[FF] High School DxD: Falsehood.
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High school dxd: falsehood.
It is a rainy day and issei is finished with classes. He is waiting for rias to come get him so they can walk home together. While he is waiting he receives a text from Asia. She tells him that a videotape just came to the house. Issei replies asking what the tape says and who’s it for. Asia replies that it’s for him and rias. Issei becomes curious and replies telling her to leave it in the living room so he can check it out when he gets home. At that moment rias arrives and asks issei if he is ready to go. Issei says yes and they leave the school with umbrellas prepared.

‘’Man it is pouring out here!’’ Issei exclaims.
‘’pouring isn't the right word for it, these umbrella’s may not be enough’’ rias worries.
‘’nah we’ll be fine’’ issei says somewhat unsure.

When they get to his house rias and issei spot akeno heading inside with an umbrella of her own. Issei calls out to her and she sees rias and issei heading to the door. Akeno says hi and opens the door with her key. The three of them enter only to have asia approach them in panic and fear.

‘’hey asia what’s wrong you look like your about to throw up’’.
Asia was frozen in fear. The poor thing looked so stiff to issei , rias and akeno that they couldn't bare not knowing what was wrong.
‘’asia seriously what’s wrong what happened? Rias asked putting her hands on asia’s shoulders to comfort her.
It took every bit of courage asia had to say anything, but she finally said ‘’guys go watch that tape’’ pointing to the videotape on the table.
Oh’’ that’s right I almost forgot! , that tape about rias and I , is that what has you freaked out asia?
Asia nodded ‘yes.
Huh? A tape about us? Rias asked
‘’yeah while I waiting for you asia texted me about some tape that was for you and I look.
Issei shows rias the text from asia on his phone. Rias becomes just as curious as issei had earlier. She asks him why he didn’t mention it while they were walking home and issei says he forgot.

‘’well we’re here now so let’s watch this thing’’ rias declared.
‘’right’’ issei agreed.
Issei put the tape in the vcr and sat next to rias on the couch. Asia didn't join in because she had already seen it and was too scared to even move.

The screen said ‘’10 years ago’’. That already had issei and rias nervous. But what appeared next was something that neither issei nor rias could’ve ever seen coming. Now they knew why asia was so scared. After the words ‘’10 years ago there was a little boy and girl playing together. The girl had black hair and violet eyes. She was wearing a short black dress that looked all too familiar to issei and rias. The boy had brown hair and brown eyes. He was a red shirt and a purple jacket.

The two children playing together were issei and raynare. Rias and issei couldn't believe their eyes. Why in the world was issei playing with raynare of all people? The fact that issei and raynare even knew each other back then was mind boggling. The words ‘’see you soon appeared on screen and then the video ended. Rias hid her face and got up to go to the kitchen.

‘’rias wait I swear its not what you think! I never met raynare 10 years ago! Issei said frantically trying to explain.
‘’she tried to kill me remember!? , you had to come sa-
Dinner will be ready shortly. ‘’rias said cutting issei off.
‘’rias come on! My grandmother can make up a video better than this! , this is garbage! Issei said to rias as she was walking away from him.

Rias didn't say a word and issei sat there upset and disappointed. This video was obviously fake. The question was who would do such a thing? Was this person trying to ruin issei’s and rias relationship? If so why? Issei pissed off , went up to his room to sleep for the rest of the night , as asia who had finally stopped shaking looked on in disbelief.
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