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Here's mine hope you enjoy!:

I felt the wind flow threw my hair and silently sway my dress. Daylight was quickly fading and night was seeping through. Tears strolled down my cheeks as if nothing mattered. Should this day end? Should these wonderful yet forbidden years end? I'm slowly breaking but no one is here to help me. Why? Your hand is always there but I can't reach. This carousel will always keep spinning.
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I know what the strength I need is.
It is not in my physical training. That keeps me in shape to endure all the obstacles.
It is not in my books. That enlightens me to new things and fuels my passion.
It is not in the Beretta on my side. That would be used to protect my family, my friends, the weak, the innocent, and myself.
It is not in the moon I reach for. That gives me drive to keep reaching.
It is in her, but i know not of where she is or who she is. Just that I have to hold on to the strength I do have. Cause with her I will have the strength beyond any obtainable by ones self.

I know she is looking for me as I am looking for her. That she is asking the same question I am asking.

"Where are you?"

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So I'm working on a story and I'll try to post what I can.

A Marriage In Hell

Alex lay cross his desk the life's blood running from the slashes across his wrists. He could hear screaming in the background but he was just so tired all of a sudden. As his eyes grew heavy and his sight blurred the past few weeks flashed before him.
He had been researching packs with the devil for years but really he'd learned nothing . There was all kinds of information about summoning demons but hardly any on the meeting the Lucifer themself . That was until he came across a reference to a children's story. Since then he'd shifted his research to old and forgotten tales and nursery rhymes.
Alex had little going for him socially. He worked came home and on Sunday night there was dinner with his mother and two sisters. It was always the same his mother worried about him being alone and his sister's would pick apart his life.
His mother was a retired publisher and had given him his love for books and knowledge.
Alex's mom answered the door . " Alex you made it. I was worried you wouldn't come you've been so distant lately " .
" yeah mom works been kinda depressing the last couple of weeks." Alex looked down at his feet in order to avoid eye contact with his mother.
Alex mom Vivian put a hand on his shoulder ." Your so smart and talented. Why would you choose to work as a mortician."
"Mom we've talked about this."
" It cause he's a dumb ASS ." Alex jerked as he was smacked in the back of his head.
" Hey Sheila."
Sheila was Alex's older and much more successful sister. She was a venture capitalist and had made a fortune off others misfortune. She was driven and ruthless . Still it iterated her that Alex was smarter.
The last to arrive was Kathy the baby of the family and the only one life that everyone seemed to focus on more then his. When she'd allow it. Kathy had come out of the closet a couple years into college. She had that girl next door look and could be a model but preferred working in front of a tv camera. She was currently a weather girl .
" Don't listen to that stuck up bitch." Kathy gave him hug . " Are you happy Alex. Cause if you are then I've got your back but you could use some help in the romance department."

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