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Posted 11/9/14 , edited 11/10/14
I've done a forum search and it appears that since at least 2013 there have been attempts to correct episodes that will stop mid-episode and think it's time to go to the next episode (or stop the video like it's over, if auto-play isn't enabled).

I've been watching Akame Ga Kill lately and watched almost 18 episodes before it happened to me in full force.

Episode 18 and 19 would play 3 min to 5 minutes at a time before freezing/skipping. I would give you time, but it happened like 8 times per episode (I would change quality so it would reload where I left off) but I am not happy that it's happening.

Here's my details:
- Pro user
- Mozilla Firefox 33.03
- Windows 7
- Flash version 15
- ISP is AT&T U-verse

If you need any other details, please let me know.

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Posted 11/9/14
For the last week, I have been encountering severe video stuttering and skipping. On all episodes from multiple series. Nisekoi, Akame Ga Kill, SAO, Log Horizon, The Fruit of Grisaia, etc. It doesn't matter the series, I cannot make it through a single episode without issue. Fix it now Crunchy.

Service provider - Comcast
Windows 8 PRO 64-bit installed on a 128GB SSD
Browser IE 10 ver. 10.0.21 - flash player 15.0.0
Firefox 33.03 - flash player
PC is connected directly to modem
i5-3570K CPU @ 3.4GHz
Posted 11/10/14
well i know i won't be continuing past the free trial. bogus service.
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Posted 11/10/14
Yep it's getting terrible. Seemed fine when I was on my trial again but now that I pay up for 2 months so far it starts doing this crap again.
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Posted 11/10/14
Was OK sometimes but just freezes anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes > This has been 3 dats in a row!
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