Going to Kyoto?
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Posted 11/11/14 , edited 11/11/14
I hope to go to Kyoto in 2-3 Years and am trying to plan a budget to go there for a week around the second week of April. I figure $4000 is what i would need for Hotel and Plane Tickets how much should i save for food, sightseeing and souvenirs?
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Posted 11/12/14 , edited 11/12/14
hmm... Depends on your interests. Well, had it been me, I would take roughly 10.000$ with me, since i would stay in Japan for a month to buy a lot of souvenirs! and anime/manga related items (Going to akihabara for sure;D), but also for the sake of travelling bills. I would like to go to Tokyo, Okinawa and Kyoto/Osaka, for sightseeing;D Well, in case something bad happens like losing your belongins or something, it would be a great idea to have some extra money. You know, money for "Unexpected/unforseen expenses";D
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Posted 11/22/14 , edited 11/23/14
If you land in Narita outside Tokyo you probably have to spend around 150-200$ one way (depending on how hungry you are), so you could save money choosing a flight that goes to Kansai International Airport instead, which is just outside Osaka and much closer to Kyoto. If you intend to feed on kobe beef every day during your stay, the cheapest way to get this would be to try a lunch meny at a hotel that serves kobe beef, at the reasonable price of about 130$. Included is 100g meat, but if you are absolutely starving a dinner meny would cost you about 275$, which is probably 250g of meat. Of course if you don't want to eat kobe beef a cheap (I think they are mostly cheap) kaiten sushi restaurant can fill you up for less than 14$.
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