Post Reply If not now, Future Adult passes?....and a tribute to CR
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Posted 11/11/14
I'm just going to say that it would be really nice to get uncensored anime on THIS site, solely because i love crunchyroll. I will always be a loyal user because if it weren't for crunchy, i wouldn't have found my niche. I've always watched anime as a kid when all i had was Toonami and Adult swim. But that's when i called em cartoons...crunchyroll birthed a new perspective on Japanese lifestyle and anime, I've fallen in love with the culture entirely. It is because of anime that i was able to open up and feel like its okay to do or be what ever i felt , no holding back.

Crunchyroll has also help me find other people who are into the exact same things as i am, and im truly grateful that there is a site such as this. The site who in my opinion has put the most work to bring anime to people, and people together. I thought i was alone before i signed up, and thought people would think i was really weird,immature, and wrong for watching anime... I was very naive. When i found out how many more people online was into anime just as much as me, the more i opened up offline and interacted with some acquaintances who i would have never known to watch anime. And now we are good friends instead of "hey how ya doin" its "ahhhh did you see that last ep!" the point. I've recommended this site to many new and old fans of anime ever since i got an account. A few have joined and a few say that there isn't enough variety for them. Variety being the more mature content kind. Now along with mature content, follows pervs , cynics , and even ..just regular people. I have a feeling that if granted access to mature content anime, then those who pay for such a service would treat it maturely. So why not an Adult pass? I dont know the rules and integrity of CR. But for a site to have such an impact with my life on anime..i would sure love for it to progress with me, and with all of us who would love to stay with this site. Please Crunchy , find a way.


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Posted 11/11/14
If an Adult Pass = Anime Uncensored I'm in, even if it cost as much as another subscription. Sadly I doubt this would ever happen.
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