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Posted 11/11/14 , edited 4/6/15
For Lord Food, we must grow. However, can we do that without knowing each other? Therefore, I feel we need this thread for the good of Food. I shall begin.

I am an avid worshiper of Food. My heritage of Italian, French, and Irish, gives me great appreciation of Food and his spouse, Drink.

My cooking style is Western, but I adapt quickly to most styles. This can give me access to many dishes, so it's a very good skill.

Aside from that, I'm in school (cyber-charter, so I get lots of free time), and I have no money (and/or access to money) because me and my family are poor (getting the free trial is problematic..). I have lots of technical skills (that I'd put to use if I had money to get started), so I can do a few things.

Of course, I can't post much about my personal life, because on the internet I use a persona. So I won't.

↓ A combination of mashed potatoes and cheese? YES! ↓
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