Anime you enjoy that others hate on.
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Posted 11/11/14 , edited 11/12/14
Hello! I've been wondering if others here enjoy a series that others bash and hate on. For me, I would say that it is Naruto. I mean, I get that a lot of flaws surround the series and it's not everyone's cup of tea. But so many, rather then intelligently criticize it, instead constantly throw hate towards the series and the people who actually enjoy it. And yet those people still have the nerve to watch it/read it even though they say it sucks.

Sorry if this is coming off as a rant but I've been kinda needing to get this off my chest. Especially since the hate for the series has been heavy since the finale. I just hope I don't offend anyone because its fine if you dislike the series. (:

So, feel free to post/rant about unnecessary hate on any series that you enjoy.
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