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Welcome to the Arena of the damned, a place filled with thrilling combat, skill and bravery. While the audience watch what they believe to be simple games, thinking it to be fake, the warriors who enter onto the field of battle fight for they're pride, loved ones, riches, or survival.



armor/weapon system


An ability is acquired over time, for some reason, the warriors start developing strange powers due to the lack of protection from unknown origins. Exolt has thought of this though but all warriors who strive start to develop an ability, mostly known as Anarchist due to they're unnatural new power. Some though do not develop abilities and can simply win without since they know how to fight.

You start at basic level for an ability after your first few fights, but they start out weak, you may get a boost or a little extra strength but nothing more at the time being.

Warrior creation

Champion Creator

Must be approved, Champion's are not like the others, they chose the position out of pride and honor....some money, some forced.

Main Villain

All should aim to defeat him.

His name is Exolt the Great, warriors can challenge him as long as they beat the grand Champion. Exolt has this strange hive mind with rats and uses them to spy on people and even though he looks small, his fighting ability is very high and most see him with a long sword and thinks he uses it. None though has seen him use the weapon but most know he is no push over.
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Posted 11/12/14
You may put two people together in one form, that shows that they work as a team.

Name: Siblings Jake and Germaine (Germy for short)
Age: Jake is 24, Germaine is 19
Gender: Jake-male, Germaine- female
Warrior Class: Jake- Range fighter, mainly bow or crossbow. Germaine- Dual wield shortswords.
Fighting Skill set: Jake- Great at setting traps, and ricochet shots. Germaine- very agile and fast
Survival Skill set: Both know how to hunt, provision food and scavenge. Jake knows how to make arrows and small weapons, Germaine knows how to sew.
Prior Life: Hunters
Ability: Jake- trick eye, allows him to see trajectories and attacks before they hit. Germaine- Puffy cloud, allows her to form cloud like smoke that can be very dense and soft like puff or like smoke.
Weakness: Jake is blind in one eye. Germaine is partly deaf
Personality: Jake is quiet and conservative while his sister is loud and out there.
Goal: to kill Exolt
Bio Both were part of a hunting family but Exolt's kidnapping crew came and destroyed they're home in the forest, causing Jake to go blind in one eye and Germaine to lose part of they're hearing. They now wish to fight just to kill the man who ruined they're lives.

Theme music: Centuries- Fall out boy
Champions may be one person or a group of people, just know that the higher the floor, the less in a group.

Champion Name:Sir Knight the undead and his loyal Z-siblings Shade and Nitch
Floor: 12 and 11
Abilities: All are undead, Sir knight has an ability called Black lance and necromancy. Shade has something called Curtain and Nitch has something called Ghost Party.
Weapon: Sir knight uses a lance, Shade uses a two handed berserk sword, Nitch uses a steel rod on a chain.
Weakness: Shade can't stand bright lights, Nitch can't deal with loud rude scary people. Sir knight is a little difficult since his weakness deals with the fact he feels no pain, one reason why he has two people under him. Sir Knight is legit undead and can feel no pain and has Shade and Nitch warn him if he is dealt heavy damage by some surprise blow.
Personality: Sir Knight is surprisingly kind and gentle even though he is a champion, but he is the kind not to hold back even if someone is fighting for justice. Shade is neat, organized and surprisingly very helpful when it comes to education. Nitch is just shy and easily frightened until she fights.
Bio: SIr knight was born way before Exolt even came to his world, he was a great and loyal warrior part of a country known for its magic and beliefs in it. When Sir Knight died he was buried in the spot that Exolt started building his arena on. The strange construction and chemicals fused into Sir Knights dead body and he came to life. He vowed to stay loyal to Exolt no matter what happened, but he tries to help train the new warriors since he can not go against Exolt. Shade and Nitch were saved by Sir Knight when they were killed wrongly in a fight they had no chance of winning. He brought them back and trained them, they stay by his side for that exact reason and help out new warriors as well.

Theme song: All is fair in love and Brostep- Skrillex

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Posted 11/13/14

Name: Xalder and Feen
Age: Xalder is 32, Feen is 18
Gender: Xalder is Male, Feen is female
Warrior Class: Xalder uses a heavy ax, Feen is a support
Fighting Skill set: Xalder is good at close quarters combat
Survival Skill set: Xalder knows how to fix things, Feen knows how to cook
Prior Life: Father and Daughter
Ability: Xalder gets the Werewolf transformation and Feen gets the were cat transformation.
Weakness: Feen is Xalders weakness and when he starts getting his ability, his senses get to heightened. Feen is the same except she has brain damage and can't do things 100% right.
Personality: Xalder is calm, collective and scary at times, Feen is kind loving and easily scared and simple minded.
Goal:Mainly Xalders, to protect his daughter
Bio Both got nabbed while going on a trip to some relatives. Feen got knocked over the head with a mace at the time and Xalder got knocked out when he tried to help her. Feen now has trouble concentrating and Xalder protects her and is glad that the champions of the floor he's on are kind and do not take advantage of people.

Theme music: Stromae- Papaoutai

Hop she's good
Champion Name:Lamia The Titan
Floor: Floor 5
Abilities: Titan core, basically super strength, tough and she can add that strength to anything she wants
Weapon: Quake Blade, very strong blade that hits hard
Weakness: Can't use Titan core on more than one weapon, and when she uses it on a weapon she weakens some and can be attacked.
Personality: Noble, strong willed, and very competitive.
Bio:Basically its simple, she wanted to find strong opponents and found some above her but obviously lost to them. She loves the thrill of fighting and will fight anybody that challenges her without delay, and people tried to fight her one after the other but because of her ability, her stamina is very high.

Theme song: Indila- Derniere Danse
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Posted 11/13/14

Actually, your champion is very good, approved.
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Champion Name: Lady Virginia the Achlys & Sir Theodore the Hercules

Floor: Floor 3

Abilities: Lady Virginia - Ability to create poison through whatever means || Sir Theodore - Inhuman Strength

Weapon: Lady Virginia - Poisonous Feathers || Sir Theodore - His huge sword made of dragon's fang

Weakness:Lady Virginia has a low body stamina due to the magic powers she practices. She wouldn't last long in a lengthy battle. Sir Theodore's weakness is Lady Virginia. He couldn't bear seeing her getting hurt.

Personality: Lady Virginia was rather quiet and hardly speaks. She was, however, kind and often aid others in help. Sir Theodore on the other hand, was the one seems to be serving her. Rough and could be regarded as rude, he is in fact very loyal to Lady Virginia for unknown reasons.

Bio: Many people would come to think Theodore as the main, strongman of the duo team due to his huge, strong muscle-built body. He has the strength of a Hercules and the voice power as loud as the thunder. In fact, they had mistaken. The real main power of the team was Lady Virginia. More often than not, Lady Virginia would not make a move in the battle (She was often standing behind while Sir Theodore do the fighting - thus concluding how the people often mistaken her to be weak). Lady Virginia hardly need to fight when the opponent was regarded as 'weak' or merely 'passable' to them - Sir Theodore was more than enough to handle them. Only the ones that once witness their victory would know how the team had fought up to the champions they are today.....


Theme song: "Sable" by nano
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Posted 11/15/14

Approved, I like them.
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