Recommend me an Anime please ^^
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Posted 11/12/14 , edited 11/12/14
Hey folks,

I really appreciate you taking time out of your days to read/respond to this thread ( I've been subbed for a while but never really watched *that* many series )

I appreciate some people may be tired of the Flavor of the month Anime *Sword Art Online* - But I've just finished watching this, well as far as I can until the next episode on 15/11/14 ^^

I absolutely love this anime, I watched all episodes within a day and a half ( About 9 hours worth ) as I just got so addicted to this world and its characters.

Anyways, Sorry for rambling on - What I'm after is something similar to SAO to soften the blow between episodes..

What I'm interested in -

- Appealing art style, I love the fantasy world SAO is set in.. something along those lines.

- Great looking cast ( Heard great things about Accel? But can't take the main character seriously :/ )

- Combat/Story building , I felt as if SAO had a strong balance with its action sequences but also told an interesting story ^^

- Love story, this is probably one of the biggest requirements.. I've had some harsh feedback about this but I love the romantic story in SAO, something similar would be awesome, it doesn't have to slap you in the face but I'd rather not watch one with betrayal etc in it.

- No damsel in distress please, I can't stand it if the female is so weak that she's always being defended by the man, I love how in SAO Asuna can actually hold her own and eve help Korito.

- Prefer Swords/Magic > Guns but I am open if needs be :D

- Prefer shorter series, I know some people felt as if SAO rushed some of its content which in parts is true.. I enjoyed the fact that the relationship bloomed early and picked up tempo quickly, I don't really want a 100+ episode series where they get together right at the end. :)

What I've watched that I think is relevant to mention

- Code Geass.

- Elemental Gelade.

- Ga Rei ( Not really related but I asked a friend and he recommended this... great anime though )

Thank you all once again for your time, sorry if I went over kill.. just new to the forums and wanted to say Hay o/ ^^
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Posted 11/12/14 , edited 11/12/14
4 threads up.

sorry 3 threads up.
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Posted 11/12/14

Indestined wrote:

Hey folks,

I've closed this because, as AnimeKami hinted, we already have a thread dedicated to requesting recommendations and receiving responses. Therefore, please post there. Here's the link:

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