Teaching Abroad
Posted 11/12/14
My goal is to become a university professor. I plan to graduate next month, but instead of applying to graduate programs, I'm considering a gap year (and a half). This would be a good time to take a break from school, get a job to earn money, and gain more experience to better myself as an applicant. I have read bloggers' experience teaching English abroad and wonder if that may be a good idea for me. Has anyone in the forums experienced this? If so, where did you go? What did you like/dislike about it?
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Posted 11/13/14
I did after i finished high school, i taught english and math in Cambodia for about a month and a half.
As for what i liked/disliked, the children are really interested in what you have to teach, alot more so than children in first world countries because this is all they have, and what made it better for me was even when i wasnt teaching and just helping out, the kids would try and hold conversations with me in english, and also the reverse of that i would learn some Khmer from them aswell.
Downside was most of the adults and teachers were horrible people, its hard to explain in text, but they were just bad people.
that was pretty much my 'experience'*

I'm not really that experienced in teaching or about this subject, but i'll answer any questions you want though!!

*your experience may vary.
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