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If anything should be added or if you have any questions, PM me.
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Everything your characters' bios/profiles must contain in some form:

Name :: Pretty simple. Just your character's name. No limitations on what you're allowed to name your character.
Age :: Your character's age. Keep it reasonable. If you're a human (or hybrid) that's 18 or younger you will have to attend Yugen Academy. If you're an oddity you can be thousands of years old.
Gender :: Male/Female/Transgender/Whatevs. Be what you want to be.
Hair color :: Any color is acceptable.
Eye color :: Any color is acceptable.
Height :: Just your character's height.
Race :: Are you a human, oddity or a hybrid?
Occupation :: Just what your character is. You can, as examples, be an exorcist, a vampire hunter, or a student at the high school. If you're an oddity you'll not have any real occupation, since, you know, you'll be invisible to anybody who hasn't been in contact with an oddity before. In that case, choose none.
Personality :: Just write about your character's personality and all that. You've probably tried this before.
Biography :: Your character's lifestory/history/past. Whatever you want to call it. Doesn't have to be long.
Appearance :: A fairly detailed description of your character's appearance or a picture.
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An oddity is a phenomenon, usually of paranormal nature, in which a person is involved. The oddity itself can be a non-living thing (like a curse inflicted upon a person) or a paranormal entity (a vampire, for example) and the effects of contact with an oddity may vary with many ways to deal with each case.

From gods to the lowest monsters, there are many things in this world classified as an 'oddity'. These 'oddities' rarely show in human eyes, but once you've met an oddity you will forever serve as an oddity magnet, attracting them from far and wide. Some oddities can be very dangerous, so there exists certain 'specialists', some called exorcists, that know about them and try to eliminate any that are a threat to humankind. Most of these specialists work on their own, but some do band together. Not all oddities are bad, as some serve to help humans, while others even work together with the exorcists to help deal with the dangerous oddities. Despite how dangerous an oddity is, they won't just wreak havoc at random in the city.

All oddities are invisible to humans that haven't been in direct contact with an oddity before. The only way to deal with one is usually by using a talisman or some sort of ritual. Some, however, are immortal and can only be brought to disappear for a while.

Hybrids also exist. These can be people born between an oddity and a human, or, say, someone who was once a vampire having been turned human. Hybrids have both human traits and the traits of a certain oddity. Due to their human nature they can be seen by normal humans.

Other than the "normal" oddities, there also exists something called the "darkness". It's a special kind of oddity. The Darkness tries to consume any oddities that pretend to be something they're not. On its hunt for these oddities the darkness consumes anything that stands in its way.
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Exorcists and specialists are people with knowledge of the oddities. They can have learned this knowledge simply by reading books about them, by having been told about them or studied them in person. There isn't any official way of becoming either one, you simply become an exorcist when you decide to deal with the oddities as a job. Specialists are just people with the knowledge on how to deal with oddities (mostly specialized with a certain kind of oddity), but don't delve deeply enough into the whole thing to deal with the odditeis on a semi-daily basis. Some exorcists and specialists befriend certain oddities and even partner up with them. Whether or not an oddity needs to be eliminated or not is completely up to the individual, as there is no one 'governing' either one. However, an oddity that isn't deemed a threat by one exorcist/specialist may be dealt with by another.

Exorcists and specialists will usually "fight" oddities by using different kinds of talisman and rituals, as most oddities can't be hurt by normal means.
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