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Arata Kasuga
AGE :: 17
HEIGHT :: 5'11"
RACE :: Hybrid - "Demon Lord"
OCCUPATION :: Student & Oddity Specialist

PERSONALITY :: Arata has a carefree and cheerful personality most of the time, usually cracking jokes and teasing others even in dangerous situations. He is also noted to be very perverted, often finding himself in risque situations or confessing his desires towards a girl. Usually this is by complete accident, but he simply rolls with it, and lets himself enjoy the situation without getting worked up about it. In times of need, Arata can become very dependable. Arata is very calm under pressure, in both perverted and dangerous situations. His natural way of thinking allows him to make rational decisions and develop solutions to problems that otherwise others would panic to. Arata cares very deeply for others, especially his friends. He is willing to risk his life and become stronger to save those he cares about.

BIOGRAPHY :: Arata used to live with his cousin in a small town far away from Kami-Yugen, but one day something happened to the town. All its inhabitants disappeared, except Arata. Before this happened he was given a certain object by his cousin. This object later led him to the Kami-Yugen and its Academy.

­ ­­­­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

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N A M E// Yuki Ono

G E N D E R// Female.

A G E // 14.

H A I R // Blonde.

E Y E // green.

H E I G H T // 5'2"

R A C E // Neko

O C C U P A T I O N // Student/ part-time gamer ( XD)

Yuki is a very happy person. She tries to make the best of things even though things are tough. The first time you meet her she is shy, but she will warm up to you! When you get mad at her she tries to make things better! (she LOVE LOVES LOVES music)

Yuki Grew up with her family in a very nice apartment. Yuki's Parents died in a car accident when she was at school. Since then she has stayed in that same apartment going outside regularly to visit the park to swing on the swings and hum a small song. Yuki goes to school and gets all A's. Yuki doesnt want people to know she is a neko so she tucks in her ears when she out and when she at school. She is a Anime freak as well a game one. Her favorite game is Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Portal 2. She doesnt have any friends but she hopes she makes some soon. her favorite food (well snack) is P O C K Y . Why can't she just be noticed?
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It's... approoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved.
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Levi Kazama

Age :: 17

Gender :: Female

Hair color :: Brown

Eye color :: Blue

Height :: 5'3"

Race :: Human (maybe)

Occupation :: Student & Specialist

Personality :: Levi is an easy going, confident young woman. Rarely does Levi become agitated or nervous, typically acting casually in most situations. She is even able to remain calm and function normally even while at a disadvantage. There have been times where she gets uneasy and even embarrassed. She is also quite kind and friendly, usually getting along with almost everybody. Even those who act hostile to her. Levi can be quite playful and flirty, sometimes acting perverted to tease or trick her friends which amuses her greatly. Despite her mischievous behaviors, Levi has a serious side, especially when the people she cares about are in danger. During those times, she is very reliable, willing to fight and protect others when they are unable to battle.

Biography :: Levi has lived in Kami-Yugen all of her life, living alone in her one bedroom apartment. She use to live with her grandfather near the old shrine, the only one in town, before he passed away. Levi first came into contact with an oddity when she was 9 years old. She was visiting the old shrine with her grandfather when they both were attacked by the oddity. Her grandfather was able to defeat the oddity using a special talisman, that he ended up given to her a couple of years later before he died. He was able to teach her just about everything he knew within those few short years. Because her grandfather was a specialist, it made her want to become one as well so that she could help defend the city and her friends from the bad oddities. Levi currently attends Yugen Academy.

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It's approved. Even if it isn't done yet.

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Okay, updated her bio!
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And it's still approoooooooooooooooved.
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Name:: Utachii
Age :: 20
Gender :: Female
Hair color :: Dark Brown
Eye color :: Violet
Height :: 5'11
Race :: Human
Occupation :: Musican/Singer

Personality :: Utachii is a bit spacey and goofy but she's really smart. Sometimes she's in your face and maybe a too blunt about things but she is super energetic and outgoing. Her smile could brighten up anyone's day. Just don't get on her bad side though because inside her sweet innocent body is a evil mean fighting machine. She get hungry super easily and she will whine about it... a lot. Utachii is also always wanting to help others even if its not in her best interest. She is a hard worker and taking some college classes. Just be careful because she can and will have random costume changes. All around she is nice and very easy to get along with.

Biography:She lives her life as a musician playing all sorts of instruments like guitar, bass, trumpet and pretty much any instrument you can think of. She's a an unknown prodigy who has yet to be discovered. She also enjoys other things like drawing, painting and she likes to read. In the past she wasn't always so nice. When she was in high school, girls always hated her for her talent... they were jealous and not only of that... they were jealous cause she was also pretty, tall and slender like a model. Every boy in school wanted to be with her. Because of this, she became an outcast and became a delinquent so no one would mess with her. Even though it was all an act... it was an act that worked. High school was very lonely and never got to experience high school. The only thing she experience was an unknown love that she had to throw away due to bullying. Utachii has moves forward but sometimes the past linger with her

Auto Biography :: Hey yoooo! I'm Utachii! And ummm...... shoot.... what was I supposed to say?..... OH YEAH. I'm 20 years old and on my way to the big times as a musican/singer! Only problem is NO ONE IS NOTICING ME. LIKE WHAT THE HECK I'M A PRODIGY. But oh well.... And um.... I like music but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. Derp. Also I like to read and draw and paint and eat..... speaking of eating, where the food? I'm getting super hungry over here. Anyways gotta go! Need to find food!

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It's approooooved. Tell me if you need someone to RP with.
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S U C C U B U S profile

N A M E / Makina Hinata.
A G E / Twenty-two.
G E N D E R / Female.
H E I G H T / 5'8".
H A I R / Green.
E Y E / Mint green.
R A C E / Hybrid. {Seer}
O C C U P A T I O N / Programmer // Exorcist.
I N F O.

Makina is always very calm and collected. She doesn't seem to care much for people's opinions seeing as she always stays in her house, barely wearing any clothes enough as it is. But even if she were to talk to people, she would do it without so much as a problem because of her slightly flirtatious personality.
B I O.

F I L L . I N . I N F O. B E L O W.
Making has always been a loner right from the start and has always been locking herself away from people to play on her little laptop. When she was seventeen, she moved out on her own and stopped going anywhere. ((lazy bio heuheu. I'll make it pretty later.
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Approved, lolister.
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Yeaaaaaah I don't know how to start this.
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Want me to do a post first then?
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Burū Kasumi

N A M E// Burū Kasumi

G E N D E R// Female.

A G E // 15.

H A I R // Light Blue

E Y E // Pink-ish

H E I G H T // 5'4"

R A C E // Hybrid Bunny

O C C U P A T I O N // Student/Artist

She is outgoing, and a charmer, she will always try to make things better! She loves to make people smile,it makes her feel wonderful. She is accepts people who others don't.


Buru was named 'Blue' because of her hair when she was born. She was left behind at the age of 9, her parents disappeared without a single trace. Since then she has been living on her own working at a small painting store near the Shopping District. Buru only has one friend: Yuki Ono. Buru lives in the same apartment complex as Yuki. Everyday, when she has time, she goes and looks for her missing parents.She always comes home disappointed. One day she will find her parents and live a good life. When she goes out she always tucks in her ears...somehow.
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