Dream, Drugs & Reality
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I was watching some videos about existential question and morality in our current society and i just felt i had to write something and this is the outcome.

Your critics/ opinions are really appreciated!!!!!

Dream, Drugs & Reality
By: Tiago
It is Saturday morning and you have no work. You lie on your bed and you think of the day to come. But it’s still eight in the morning and you have no strength. Not because you are tired but because of an unusual distress. You went early to bed so you have no sleep, now you start daydreaming of love, lust & fantasies.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the land of wonderland. It’s harder to dive out when you find a beautiful path. It is said that our dreams stimulate our imagination, but where does the dreamer become a slave of its hallucinations.
This sea of fascination where your heart is content, but your mind knows it’s just a drug losing strength. When we wait for the train and it is five minutes late. You might dive in the sea where then time is your friend.
Every single minute reality is trying to pull you back, when the train arrives and you have to step in.
But he is not your friend, only dreams can take that seat or will you control reality and familiarize with it?

We really forget that reality is just a little kid. He is just running around being amazed by the small things.
When we should take his hand and walk with him through the park. We rather look at our phones and lose ourselves to the man of wonderland.

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aah, it's good. i imagined the whole thing. that moment of confusion when the train arrives, that moment you want to hold on to something to feel the floor. that moment you step inside the train and it is moving at a speed unknown, to you who's inside the carriage. it's pretty. we see it as moving from one place to another but the wonderland is in that great park.
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Thnx man and be honest it's now that i'm re-reading what i wrote that i realized i may have been writing about some kind of de-personalization.
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