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Posted 11/16/14
Does anyone else have a SAMSUG SMART TV and use the CRUNCHROLL APP Successfully?
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Posted 11/16/14
Yeah I had no problem at all. As I don't have much time to watch stuff, just being able to come in from work, load up and catch up. Especially in HD *cough* Unlimited Blade Works and Nagi no Asukara *cough*. But seriously I've been using it since late March time and I've had no problems.
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Posted 11/16/14
i use it i just hate how there is no search bar for shows. if you want to watch a show and when u come back dont have to look for it again you must put it in queue. but watching on 65'' hd tv is just awsome
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Posted 11/18/14
If it was stuck in the loading screen.. I will repost what I wrote in the other chat


So apparently CR doesn't work with a Canadian DNS. I will try to be as simple as I can for my fix.

Go into your Samsung TV settings and find your network settings (mine was a F-type series so it was under network --> network status --> IP config)

This website provides a short tutorial

Enter manual DNS
I used unotelly servers for the closest DNS server.

Change location on your Samsung TV
This site provides a guide on how you can get into those settings

Restart your TV.
If you had Canadian Netflix, this will turn into US Netflix and you will gain access to Hulu as well =]

Install Crunchyroll and it should work!

Any issues I will try to help =]
This solved my issue.. spent 30 minutes figuring this out lol
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Posted 12/24/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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