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How Does Your Personal Rating System of Anime Look Like?
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33 / M / Alaska
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/18/14
We all have different tastes when it comes to the shows we watch, but there are indeed some shows that catch our common interests. Hence why rating system exist to see just how much people like a particular series. What would your scale look like? Also, give some examples of anime you like or despise to give an idea of where each rating stands.

I go by a personal 1 to 10 rating. I judge anime by their voice work, animation, sound effects, characterization, plot and enjoyability. On top of that, however, is my overall recommendation. There are some series that deserve a 1 in animation, but still receive a 7 overall due to enjoyability (Shin-chan, anyone?) With that in mind, here's how my rating system works.

Note: no actual spoilers, just put it in there to condense the thread.

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61 / M / Earth
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14
Here's my rating system (the poll portion in the example below).. and my thoughts on the usefulness of rating systems is here: /forumtopic-807129/5-star-ratings?pg=1#46203763, so I'm not going to repeat all of that in this thread...

I incorporated that in a group format where I created over 700 pages called Rotten Sushi either searchable alphabetically, or by using extended tags, polls, first episode links and recommendations. A sample of what those pages look like:

Click the picture to go to the show page

Byousoku 5 Centimeter
Created by asharka
Episode 1 Like this show? Be Adventurous!

I found out later that it was kind of similar to the three-level concept presented by Siskel and Ebert (Buy, Rent, Skip) on their "At The Movies" show...
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27 / M / This Dying World
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14

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32 / M / Duckburg
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14
Awesome - Cowboy Bebop, Monster, FMA, Gintama

Fun - Infinite Stratos, Highschool DxD, Nozaki-kun

Stupid - Sword Art Online, Itazura na Kiss

Boring - Bleach, Shining Hearts.

I drop boring shows. I will complain about, but watch stupid shows. I will turn my brain off for fun shows. I will praise awesome shows.
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14
My personal "rating" system (as in, the one i use only for myself)

All Time Favorite: (Only one at a time) Current example: Aria
Personal Favorite:
Example - Kimi ni Todoke
Brilliant Series
Example - A Certain Scientific Railgun
Good Series: Example - Yuyushiki
Normal Series: Example - One Week Friends
Below Average Series: Example - Upotte

The ones I bolded are actual rankings (that is to say, I separate them on my list.) The three below it are more like distinctions than rankings. They're all listed exactly the same on my list and I just sort of go by memory to put them in those three categories.

I think I posted my rather long public rating system in another thread (like for reviews on this website). Basically, I just go by how large of an audience the show can appeal to.


Link to my public rating post:
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23 / M / Florida
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14
- It's over 9000!
- Good
- Average
- Pupa/Himegoto rank
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14

AnimeKami wrote:



The most simple and efficient way
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23 / Pennsylvania
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14
Meh/Bad Adaption from a manga/light novel

Pupa is one of few animes that deserves a ranking.
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Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14
I like it.

I don't like it.
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40 / M / Reno, NV
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/17/14
1. I'm going to watch this as soon as I have access to an internet-ready device
2. I'll watch it when I have the time
3. I'll watch it if I'm bored
4. I'll watch it while I'm doing something else
5. I'll watch it if I have absolutely nothing else I want to do
6. I'm not gonna watch it

That's the hierarchy I use, usually after one episode; things often move down; very occasionally things move up; the only things in recent memory were Attack on Titan (from 3 to 2) and Shin Sekai Yori (from 5 to 1)

Most shows are in the 5 or 6 column. Most seasons have 2 to 4 series each in columns 1-4, which is basically my viewing list for the season.
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21 / F / Academy City
Posted 11/17/14 , edited 11/18/14
-Bad (Magikano, 11 Eyes)
I'll never watch the anime again, just horrible.

-Boring( Trigun, Baka no Test, Kore wa Zombie desu ka?)
Not bad, just didn't catch my interest

- Alright (Inuyasha, Black Bullet, Pandora Hearts)
Had some problems, but overall pretty good. Might watch some episodes on occasion.

- Great (Magi, Kill la Kill, Madoka Magica)
Really good anime. Will watch repeatedly.

-Highly recommend (Cowboy Bebop, FMAB, No Game No Life, Detective Conan, A Certain Magical Index/ Scientific Railgun)
Absolutely amazing. Watches all the time.
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25 / F
Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/18/14
I dont really have a ranking system but I do have this on my computer that you could count as one, I guess.
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26 / M / Montreal
Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/18/14
10-Masterpiece/ A Favorite of mine
9- Amazing, Highly recommanded recommand
8- Very good
7-It's good, nothing spectacular but it's good
6-Not bad, but proceed with caution
5- Meh, forgettable or the pros and cons are even
4-Bad, but maybe there is some positive
3- Very bad, wouldn't tell anyone to watch it
2-Kill it with fire
1-The fire isn't working, nuke it

Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/18/14
5 star - really enjoyed
4 star - enjoyed
3 star - acceptable
2 star - didn't like
1 star - utter shit
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38 / M / So. Cal
Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/18/14
0 = utter shite (speed grapher, noein)
1 = i didn't like it but you might (diabolik lovers, witchblade)
2 = not good enough (gundam seed, gargantia)
3 = i liked it but... (s cry ed, AoT)
4 = beautiful, but not perfect (hellsing ultimate, godanar)
5 = the reasons i continue to watch anime (cowboy bebop, ghost in the shell)
using decimals in between...
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