we're going on an Adventure
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31 / Washington dc
Posted 11/17/14
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27 / M / This Dying World
Posted 11/17/14
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Posted 11/17/14 , edited 11/17/14
Monster: Godzilla
World: Crash Bandicoot Warped
Weapon: Plastic Coca-Cola bottle
Companion: Never played either game, so probably either nobody or Crash Bandicoot
Love Interest: Ferris Eris (Legend of the Legendary Heroes); I'm a lesbian, so I get a girl

So basically I, armed only with my trusty Coke bottle, am traveling through time with Crash Bandicoot and Ferris Eris (who is my lover) to gather crystals, gems, and ankhs to stop Godzilla from destroying all cities ever built.

Godzilla In Time: Final Battle


To save New York City from annihilation Dr. Willard Shopenhauer develops a deflector shield capable of stopping Godzilla's deadly atomic ray. The shield seems to be working beautifully at first, but then the unexpected happens: Godzilla is enveloped in a bright flash of light and simply vanishes. Years later Dr. Shopenhauer makes a chilling discovery: archaeological evidence indicates that cities around the world which should be present are mysteriously missing, and even worse this problem appears to permeate all periods of history. He quickly alerts the authorities that Godzilla wasn't actually destroyed, but has instead simply been sent back in time. The government pours billions of dollars into research and a time machine is quickly developed. The best of the best will be needed for the project, but are currently all on vacation in the Alps and cannot be bothered to come back early. It therefore falls to a genetically engineered bandicoot named Crash and one woman armed only with a Coca-Cola bottle named Blue to save not only modern civilization, but all civilizations which have ever been and will ever be.

It is quickly determined that Godzilla's most likely location is somewhere in Middle Age Europe, and so Crash and Blue quickly travel there using Dr. Shopenhauer's time machine. There they meet Ferris Eris, a brilliant swordswoman on a mysterious journey for something called "hero relics". She is reluctant to help fight Godzilla at first, but changes her mind when Godzilla barges through town and smashes her beloved dango shop. A long and furious battle ensues, but before the final blow can be delivered Godzilla once again vanishes into the depths of time. The trio returns to Dr. Shopenhauer's lab for further instructions, and discovers that now Godzilla has traveled far into the future.

Upon arriving at the future our heroes quickly discover that the world is in utter chaos. They meet Dr. Neo Cortex, a scientist whose laboratory had been destroyed by Godzilla, and agree to help him gather his creations (which have joined forces with Godzilla). After eliminating the likes of insane dogs with dynamite, dingo/alligator hybrids, and giant tigers in gladiator gear, the final battle with Godzilla finally begins atop the remains of Cortex's laboratory. Cortex fashions a Wumpa Wumpa fruit launcher which Crash uses to gather fruit and throw them to Blue, who hits the fruit toward Godzilla with her Coca-Cola bottle while Ferris keeps him from straying away with her swordsmanship. The beast is defeated, Blue and Ferris fall in love, and harmony is at last restored to time.
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26 / M / The Dark Continent
Posted 11/17/14
1- Neighbors from World Trigger. (Most likely cause of death= slow paced torture)
2- NBA 2k15
3- Samsung Galaxy Note Tab Pro (Well they say there's an app for everything)
4- Never played any of those games, so I'm on my own?
5- Aoko Nakamori from Magic Kaito 1412. Don't really care for her.

Seems legit....
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25 / M / MI
Posted 11/17/14
Monster: The "dead" from Sunday Without God
World: Minecraft (I'm ok with this.)
Weapon: My wallet (I guess that makes me Batman?)
Companion: Been a while... I think it was Garen.
Love Interest: Asuna... extremely ok with this.

Overall A+ situation.
Posted 11/17/14
Monster: I haven't seen any monsters...
World: I played a free Star Trek game on Steam so Star Trek universe
Weapon: I have a katana sitting next to me. Not even kidding.
Companion: Never played these so....
Love interest: Sugu from Sword Art Online.
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26 / M / Finland
Posted 11/17/14
Monster: Parasites from Parasyte
World: Rivellon from Divinity: Original Sin
Weapon: A DVD set of Walker Texas Ranger
Companion: I haven't played Dota 2 yet and it's been years since I played LoL. I'm going to guess Veigar.
Love Interest: Kohina from Gugure! Kokkuri-san

While I do think Veigar is an excellent help in this apocalypse, I am not particularly fond of having Kohina as my love interest. Also, instead of the DVD set, can't I just have Chuck Norris as my weapon?
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20 / M / London
Posted 11/17/14
Monster: Zombies
World: World Of Warcraft
Weapon: A candle
Companion: N/A
Love Interest: Chitoge Kirisaki
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 12/22/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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