More to Korea than KPOP
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Do not expect KPOP or Korean Hip-Hop here. While Korean Hip-Hop does have its underground artists, I do not follow that scene so don't expect anything pertaining to that in this thread. I've seen all of these bands live except Vicious Glare, Cunttlefish, and I think Lithocystotomy. There are plenty of other bands that I am leaving out and will update the list with later on.

Melancholymoonrayzoudada // Facebook
Billy Carter - Blues, Garage, Rockabilly, Rock'N'Roll - Facebook

The Kitsches - Punk - Facebook
Scumraid - D-beat Noise Punk - Facebook
Dead Gakkahs - Fastcore, Thrashcore, Punk, Hardcore - Facebook
Yuppie Killer - liancourt rock (while their bandcamp lists them as punk, rock & roll, crust, hardcore, noise, powerviolence, surf, thrash) - Facebook
The Geeks - Hardcore - Facebook
13 Steps - Hardcore - Facebook
Find the Spot - Oldschool Hardcore Punk - Facebook
Vicious Glare - Hardcore, Metal, Punk - Facebook

Bamseon Pirates - powerviolence, punk, grindcore - Facebook
Gonguri - metal, death, doom, punk, sludge - Facebook
Nahu // Facebook
Lithocystotomy - Slamming Brutal Death Metal - Facebook
Sulsa - Goregrind - Facebook
Cunttlefish - Goregrind - Facebook
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Went to Pure Death Fest II tonight which had 3 death metal bands and a grindcore band play. They ruled.

Imperial Domination - Brutal Death Metal - Facebook
Dissektist - Grindcore - Facebook
El Patron // Facebook
Doxology - Brutal Death Metal - Facebook

It's a shame when I have to use live video links to show off these bands because it really doesn't do any of them justice.
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Tonight was 'Lords of Chaos 8 - Ultimate Chaos' and these are the bands that played tonight. I actually missed the first band that played tonight but I managed to see the other 7 bands.

Bullet Ant (I'm guessing these are the guys that I missed) // Facebook
A Bolt From the Blue (Sorry, I cannot find any of their music online.) - Metal - Facebook
Metamorphosis - Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal - Facebook
Imperial Domination - Brutal Death Metal - Facebook
Smoking Barrels - Sludge, Stoner Metal - Facebook
Day of Mourning - Metal - Facebook
Seoul Mothers - Metal, Hardcore - Facebook

*I can't find a Facebook page or any music online for Jongro Sound, so out of luck there too.
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I know but what point would I have in just sharing one website link? This thread wasn't intended to be just that.
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