Crunchyroll Mystery Manga October 2014
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Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/18/14
So for those who have received your mystery box from this past October, this is the thread to share what you got.

I myself got two boxes and in those two boxes I did not get a double of any of the books.(which i was really surprised by) along with alot of number 1 volumes. So I guess i got really lucky then?

Overall, I was pretty happy with what I had gotten.

So what all did the rest of you guys get!!
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Posted 11/18/14
seems they did a good job of including mostly v1-2, although maybe thats what they had extra in, since I got alot of the same that you did.

model v4/7
soul rescue v2
platinum garden v5
skyblue shore v1/2
peace maker kurogane v1
dragon sister v1
phantom dream v1
clean freak fully equipped v1
lament of the lamb v2
made in heaven v2
saving life v1
karakuri odette v3
songs to make you smile
takeru v2
element line v1
the witch of artemis v1
visitor v4
demon sacred v2
chronicles of the cursed sword v14/21/22
rhysmyth v1
maria holic v3
harukaze bitter bop v2
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Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/19/14
I still haven't gotten mind yet. Curious, does Crunchyroll send an email before it ships because I haven't received one of those either.

Edit: Nevermind. It's out for delivery.
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Posted 11/19/14
Yea I didnt get an email either, I was rather surprised to find them there already, since I figured about a week plus delivery (which must've been 2-3 days) but since the DVD bundle that I Also got said 2-4 weeks and they both were from the same place, I figured they'd both come around the same time.

sadly.... the DVD hasnt shipped yet even after 3 weeks. hoping it ships within the next week or so if it needes 2-4wk to be delivered.
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Posted 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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