Ultimate Spider-Man
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Posted 11/19/14 , edited 11/19/14
Anyone seen it here?
In that case, did you like it?

Personally I think it's great.
At first when I saw a preview of Spidey using a motorcycle I honestly cringed, but after having given it a chance it's kind of grown on me.

There's been some questionable choices in the show at the very beginning.
For one thing I'm not sure I understand why Spidey needs to be part of a team.
It reaks of the avengers envy.

Hey, Disney, just because Avengers was a smash hit, doesn't mean you need to make every show something that resembles The Avengers.

Also, the way they speak of the Avengers, I get they are famous in the marvel universe and all, but Spider-Man is one hell of a hero in his own right.

For one thing I personally believe he's much better than Iron-Man both in terms of power he's also much more likeable and relatable.

That being said, I can live with the web-head Avengers variation if the show continues to show promise.

Anyway what's your opinion?
Have you given it a chance yet?

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Posted 11/19/14 , edited 11/19/14
Closed--accidental duplicate
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