American Horror Story
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Posted 11/20/14 , edited 11/20/14
And I have to say, wow this show sucks ass.

It's been a while since I gave a new tv show a shot, and I regret getting into this.
I had to struggle to go through the Pilot.

The insanely dysfunctional family is apparently the focus of the first season from what I can understand?
And is the 'Horror' part of the show's name just for laughs? because this show does not have a shred of horror in it.

It is a drama series with thriller elements to it.

The retarded girl in the opening shot with the twins, first mistake right there.
Why can't we just have a normal incentive for people to be strange for once?
Does it have to be some girl you question based on her unfortunate birthright?

The daughter who cuts herself and spends time with this blonde kid because he's 3edgy5me.
Makes me wanna throw up to see a mental disorder and sociopaths portrayed as some hipster kid who wears t-shirts professing his disgust for 'normal' people.

Honestly is this what goes for entertainment these days?

Can anyone who isn't a fan of pretentious romantic drama flicks tell me what the fuzz is all about with this show because I don't get it.

Please! Enlighten me.

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Posted 12/7/15 , edited 12/8/15
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