Referencing characters? how do i do it right.
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Posted 11/20/14
So I scrapped a high fantasy project I was doing after 4 months of a mental roadblock that kind of put a damper on my creative process.

However, I am going to use my current situation in live to start a new novel. However this novel is more of my style, i plan on it being a psychological,crime,paranormal, thriller.

Now here is the question i made this post for.

My main character;

I want my main character to be a reference to Revy from black lagoon.

My main characters is a foul mouthed detective named Rebecca who carries around dual Beretta 92FS's with her.

The main reason for this, besides the fact Black lagoon being my favorite animes of all time, is that I wanted a really strong female protagonist that doesn't take shit from anyone. I want her to be a complete contrast to the stereotypical female roles often portrayed in these kinds of novels. I want her to be a sort of anti hero who is willing to do anything to solve a case, even if that means throwing herself into the fire.

Revy sort of creates that image for me, so i decided to reference her with the Dual Beretta's the foul mouth and the name "Rebecca".

Would this be considered to blatant?

Has anyone else used an anime character as a basis of their character creation?
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Posted 11/20/14
There's a fine line between a rip-off and a proper homage, but at a time like this, any "original" concept has been claimed at one point or another. However, your predicament is different and similar to mine.

It just depends on how you look at it. If you take an unoriginal idea and try to run with it as your own, that is a rip off. I don't really watch Black Lagoon, but I know of the character. If you make Rebecca completely identical to Revy, down to every detail, then that would be plagiarism. However, your intentions aren't to copy, rather to pay a decent homage to a character, and inherently, there is nothing wrong about that. For one, she can't look too similar and will have to be easily definable from Revy in a visual sense. Dual-wielding Berettas is okay as there are plenty of other owned characters that dual wield guns (e.g. Laura Croft, Vincent from Hellsing, etc.) Personality wise, Revy isn't the most original character for being a foul-mouthed woman, but approach Rebecca from a different angle. Instead of following her from the perspective of Black Lagoon's creator, go for something uncommon and unique.

Secondly, acknowledge that you're character borrows heavy influence from another. Give Rebecca unique quirks that other people can draw out and have one of the characters say, "You remind me of a character from a manga I like." Or have Rebecca name each of her Berettas "Rock" and "Revy" that were custom-made in the Chinese black market, or something like that. Be subtle with the references. If you can, try to even parody Revy which, by law, is okay to do.

I guess that's all I can contribute. I really had to research this one out because it affects me too. This is what I read :

Anyway, good luck on your novel .
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Posted 12/23/15
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