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Posted 11/20/14 , edited 11/20/14
Majority of my crunchyroll viewing is on my iPhone or iPad. I would like to have the auto-play series feature since I regularly re-watch whole series or most of the episodes in one go.

Also, I notice that when I play an episode the progress/volume bars appear but they never go away on their own. You have to tap the screen every time. It would be nice if that automatically disappeared after 5-10 seconds.

Last request would be have a skip forward/back buttons of 15 seconds to skip intros or if I missed something in the episode I could jump back to see it again. The sliding bar is difficult to use sometimes especially when I'm trying to go back/forward a short period of time.
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Posted 11/21/14 , edited 11/21/14
I'll second those suggestions. Also, the progress bar has never shown the correct time remaining, so that needs to be fixed.
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Posted 11/27/14 , edited 11/28/14
I'd also like to have the ability to vote/rate an episode from the drop-down "information" tab on each episode in the ipad app - that would also be a great place to show the episode comments too, since that's always something I miss (seeing other users' comments and being able to comment on an episode) when watching from the mobile/ipad app!
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