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Who is the prime minister of Canada?
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Posted 11/25/15 , edited 11/25/15

_Ame wrote:

So you have experience? I cant argue with that (nice to meet you btw). Although if you wanna argue that the economy is as is right now because of Harper. I can go out and say that the dollar has been falling ever since his reign. Clearly Harpers way wasnt working and change was needed. And now change is here. Whether that be the change we want or the one we dont want.

At this point, It's still tooo early to come to a conclusion on whether hes doing a good job or not. I'm just trying to keep an open mind and give him a chance.

Don't get me wrong I am not putting down JTF2, those lads and lasses earned that black jumpsuit but they aren't what is needed to get the job done. And it is a pleasure to meet you as well. As for the Canadian dollar and it being weak, that is actually a good thing in the long term. We are a nation of exporters, we don't have a lot of heavy manufacturing compared to other nations. A strong Canadian dollar actually hurts our primary way of generating a nice and healthy GDP. Since a weak dollar makes our exports more attractive on the international market, since a buyer will get more bang for his buck.

A strong dollar only helps us with importing goods and services. This is less of an issue since the primary import for any nation is oil, food, and sometimes water. Something this nation has in abundance. There is of course the retail market and consumers to think of as well. But that actually works in our favour as well since a weak dollar means people are more likely to spend their money within Canadian borders, helping our local economies in the process.
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Posted 11/25/15
Your all wrong. The pm's of Canada are bob and doug mckenzie

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Posted 1/25/17
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