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Posted 11/22/14 , edited 11/22/14
What's you opinion on drug use and abuse??
What do you feel sould be banned??
What sould be legalized??
What was your fist experience with drugs??
What's the craziest moment you have had that drug related??
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Posted 12/11/14 , edited 6/26/15
Opinion: It's all mostly good... in moderation. If you downing a pill and a half a day, you got a problem.
Nothing should be banned, but personally I'd fight against Heroin, Meth, Jenkem, and crack.
Weed, Lucy, E and Molly, booms, low-grade unprocessed coke and opium.
Weed: The first time I got HIGH high, I was hitting a bong for the first time. I greened out, then couldn't stop giggling for three hours. When I woke up I ate like half a pizza and was half way through season one of "That 70's Show". Shrooms I tripped at a friends house. I was epically good at League of Legends, the words in a news article flowed by me nonchalantly, the sky was a kaleidoscope, and the clouds rained wisdom on me. Even the dirt was the most amazing thing ever. I was cheezin' the entire time. I actually took Molly and Lucy together and got Candy Flip'd during the Pretty Lights concert at Red Rocks last August. I danced non-stop, everyone was my friend, and the lasers were... woah. I flashback just thinking about it, and I feel like I'm rolling every time I hear the album "The Hidden Shades". I think pretty lights was the most awesome drug fueled moment of my life. I was smoking weed, tripping on acid and rollin' on Molly. My group was (Almost) front and center, I danced the entire show, and because I pre-loaded, I was the only one not fucked up the next day and ready to dance for another full night of music.
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