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Posted 11/23/14 , edited 11/24/14
« Essential Rules
Be somewhat literate.
This IS an RP, which means it isn't t3xin styl3 bas3d writin lik3 dis. (And really who has time for that .__.;)
Everyone loves good grammar, but hey, typos are understandable.
No one-liners.
(Consistently, anyways. This is an RP, and you want to make your replies fun and detailed, don't you?)
Use QUOTES to indicate your character speaking.
"I like pie."
Use ITALICS to indicate your characters thoughts.
(That is the best way for me, anyway)
Be fair to all members, have fun, and remember CR's guidelines/rules as well!

  • Q: How do I quote someone I'm roleplaying with?
  • A: Simply click on the 'quote' link on their post. Delete everything they wrote. Then reply. Even if what they replied with isn't there, they still get a notification! That way, you don't have to hide their reply in a spoiler all the time.
  • Q: How do I quote MULTIPLE PEOPLE?
    Next to Permalink, Reply, on QUOTE (it should be checkmarked when you do this, continue clicking on each post you want to quote and so on...) then below the post, click 'quote selected'. It's that easy!
  • Q: Can I RP hop?
  • A: Yes, as long as you stay in one place at once. Cannot be in two places at once. It will get confusing and it isn't realistic to do that.
  • Q: If one of my characters is in region #1, can they also be in region #2 and #3 AT THE SAME TIME, ROLEPLAYING WITH THE SAME CHARACTER?
  • A: No. The thing is, your character is not immortal and can die. So if your character dies, they cease to exist in any region. It makes your character seem more realistic if they stick to one region. NO DOPPELGANGER STUFF GOING ON NOW Y'HERE ;D
  • Q: What's the rating of this RP?
  • A: See here's the thing, PG-13 bores me and I'd much rather have it close to RatedR. BUT, we're on CR, not ~Keep It Clean People~ well except if you're in region #2 shh
    But to actually answer the question, I'd rate it PG-13 (with a side of hot sauce)
    And yes. Cursing is allowed.
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