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Is anime more popular in America or in Japan ?
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Posted 11/27/14 , edited 11/28/14
The Japanese probably shouldn't cater to foreign audiences even if they wanted to. Hideaki Anno believes that anime/manga is popular to foreigners because it is uniquely Japanese and so he wants to make that stuff good for foreigners too instead of just for Japanese people who happen to like them by simply making them as Japanese as possible.

puzzleanddragons wrote:

OT, but I'm curious, why'd you name your account after a mobile game?

Because I like it and I tried other name but it seems other people already using them.
By the way why do you know puzzle and dragons?I thought it is only popular in Japan?

It's probably because Westerners keep wandering into Japanese Youtube channels. It's hard to miss when you wander into popular/advertised channels like マックスむらい's.

Also, a lot of us are into danbooru/pixiv and that's how a lot of us find out about popular Japanese things like Kantai Collection.
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Nyashaa wrote:

If it would be targeted for americans it would be shit.

That's not true.

Anime was only really really big in America years ago due to toonami with shows like Dragonball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, and Outlaw Star, creating Adult Swim also helped with shows like Yu Yu Hakusho Inuyasha Cowboy Bebop, and FMA. These were the biggest sellers and the more they picked more anime to show it sort of died down the best shows on Toonami had ended some of the AS favorites had ended or where near the end and every anime they chose just wasn't hitting as popular as previous ones issues like countless fillers (Inuyasha) and anime that just didn't grab interest anymore.
Other stations started to show anime like Action always showed some obscure anime one a night every week uncut MTV shows one and two other stations did also but again by this anime has died down in America.
Once FMA ended that was about the lowest point around other stations stopped showing anime and Cartoon Network were geared towards awful awful cartoons like Tom Goes to the Mayor because they were cheap to make and any really popular anime (Berserk) could not be show due to them having to hack it to pieces and they showed really old anime like Lupin and the original Gundam and since it looks old no one really wanted to watch it.

During it's popularity though the second season of Big O was made for CN which was awesome.
It's always been made for Japanese audiences but it's no secret of it' it's recent and current popularity in America. It'll never really hit the popularity it once had in America but it's still at a medium popularity. It's made a decent return I hear on Toonami at night (I don't have a T.V. so I wouldn't know) mainly due to anime being off the air for the most part for a few years.
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Japan obviously.
Posted 11/27/14 , edited 11/28/14
Anime is made in Japan That their cartoons (sounds weird who watches cartoons and im 14) but yeah so, When America sees the broadcasting its still delayed from when a person in Japan sees it
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