Where do you store your cosplay outside con
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Posted 11/25/14
I've been to a couple of cons and talked to other cosplayers about past characters they have cosplayed as. They would also talk about how many times they cosplayed as the same character. I just wanted to ask the question of "where you store your cosplay" after the convention is done. I'm new to cosplaying but I've already noticed how creative it can be so I'm curious on how you take care of your costumes, wigs, replica weapons and items, etc.

As for me, I've already created a special place in my room for my cosplay although I might change things a bit once I get more.
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Posted 11/25/14
Oh, that's a good one, I'm curious what others do as well!

I mostly dedicated one closet for past cosplays. Anything I can put on hangers (shirts, pants, jackets, capes) for stuff I plan on wearing again in the not too distant future goes on the main rack, and I use plastic bins (1 per cosplay) for accessories, boots, and clothing if I'm storing it away for long term. I always hang stuff up as soon as I get out of it, just to let it air out while at the con, and again to let it dry after cleaning. Most of the bins also fit in the closet, but a couple of my armors are too big, so their bins reside in other rooms.

Similar for wigs - I wish I had the space to store them all in a way that wouldn't crush them, but I just don't, so I usually keep active ones on wig heads, and retired ones go in bags, all on the top shelf in that closet.

Most props ended up in a corner of the closet or on a shelf in the past, but I started hanging some of them on a wall last year instead. Have to make sure I hang them in a way that doesn't damage them long-term, but that's not too difficult, and they make for fun talks when people visit.
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Posted 12/23/15
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