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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 4/3/15
by battlewaitress

When I first saw the previews for Parasyte -the maxim-, I was immediately intrigued. Being a novice horror fan, the concept really caught my interest. I feel like horror is a genre anime really doesn't delve into enough, so you can imagine my delight when the show finally starting airing and I realized, not only is it good, it's genuinely pretty gross and creepy!

The story seems pretty basic, at its core. A (maybe) alien parasitic race comes to Earth and burrows into humans, taking over their consciousness and bodies, proceeding to kill other human beings to sate their cannibalistic nature. The manga was originally published in 1990s, and I think the anime has an old spirit in some of the ways it presents itself, but in a positive way. I found myself thinking of two different things when I first started watching; Yeerks from Animorphs, and John Carpenter's The Thing.

One of the best parts about Parasyte -the maxim- is its pacing. This might seem like an odd thing to address first, but I think creating an anime after all of the original source material is completed is a fantastic decision. Everything feels deliberate, and nothing ever seems rushed, or like it's just some sort of filler, even if only for a second. Being in the genre that it is, this is really important. They can focus on the balance of the action and conversational scenes.

Continuing with that, the action scenes are very good. There can be a little bit of 'cheat' animation sometimes, in terms of speed lines, but for the most part it's tense, and interesting. It also really is gory, at some points. I've seen a lot of movies, like I said before, and there were a few moments where I made a face and just went eugh, and then got really excited afterwards. Horror anime that's gross and actually still fun? It's everything I ever wanted!

Yes, truly.

The music is another fun aspect of the show. It's really all over the place, and at first it seems a little weird. Dubstep in the middle of my parasite battle? What the hell is happening? Then, though, it starts up before a lot of the scenes where things are going to go down, and it genuinely gets you pumped up for what's going to happen.

If there was any sort of snag in the show, the only real thing I'd say is that it can fall into some of the horror tropes, once in awhile. I think it's still fresh enough that it isn't terrible, and again, I give it a little leeway considering how old the source material is.

Parasyte -the maxim- has something for everyone. Even if you wouldn't consider yourself a fan of horror, I still highly recommend it. Between the clean animation, the action, the comedic moments, and the moral ambiguity between human and parasite that's at the center of the show, it always keeps you coming back. You can check out Parasyte -the maxim- on Wednesdays, at 1:29 EST!

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Posted 12/8/14 , edited 4/3/15
The thing that does make Parasyte the best is the pacing but it really has a lot of things going for it which would surely appeal to someone.

By the way. I read some of the manga. While it was good the original source material made it hard to get into the story because of the rough artwork. With the anime your getting a better modernized appearance and cleaner character designs. Which find better overall. Good to the point review!
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Posted 12/8/14 , edited 12/10/14
I am also stoked about Parasyte, and read the manga. It's just weird because this is one of the few cases where I read the manga long before the anime came out.
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