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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/26/14
by CrayMeganeChan

I don't really watch that many drama shows that have anything to do with lawyers and/or the legal system, however, I doubt this Japanese drama would have been like them anyway. The main character doesn't even look the part of a prosecutor nor does he just stay behind his desk being one. In this 2014 series of HERO, we see the events that happened 7 years after it's predecessor, the HERO film from 2007, which was also the predecessor to the 2006 special and 2001 original series. Even if you haven't seen the series and/or films that came before it like I have, HERO is definitely a must watch show.

As I mentioned earlier, the main character doesn't really look or act the part of what you would think a prosecutor would. Kuryu Kohei, played by Takuya Kimura, never wears a suit and tie when coming into the office and goes above and beyond for his job seeking the truth. He really tries to figure out what type of person that is brought before him is really like before deciding if they should be prosecuted or not. Through these bases is how he goes about figuring out if they are really capable of doing that they are being charged of. His new assistant Chika Asagi, played by Keiko Kitagawa, doesn't understand this way of going about investigating but still must goes along with it. And to add to her annoyance, she must also witness his bizarre habits of ordering items from infomercials and Home Shopping Networks. I would say this would be like one of those typical mismatch pairs but when you get more into the show, you won't really see it that way. His non traditional methods also causes some problems for the rest of his colleagues but it's inspiring to the point where even they are influenced by it.

Although you don't need to have seen the previous series to understand what's going on, it would help to get an understanding of the character of Kuryu Kohei better. This, of course, doesn't change my opinion of the show. In a way, this reminds me of another Crunchyroll show Is There A Vet In The House? in some way. The main characters both go in deeper to get to the truth. And there is also something for the viewers to take from it. Another aspect they have in common is their well played humor into the show. Every character have their individual quirkiness about them that makes them really unique. If you ever decide to give this show a shot, HERO (2014) will be one of the best dramas you watch this year. To watch new episodes that Crunchyroll puts out, it's simulcast every Tuesday at 11pm EST and a week later for non All-Access members.
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