Anime Adaptations
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Posted 11/26/14
What are some of the best and worst anime adaptations of manga/light novel you've come across?
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Posted 11/26/14
The one that's freshest in my memory is World Trigger. A lazy adaptation with barely any production values that relies solely on the excellent story from it's source material to keep viewers interested. Bad animation, bad lip-sync, and some of the most frequent and long freeze frames I've ever seen in anime. The only reason to watch it is because they are not printing the original series in colour and this is the closest you'll get to that. In fact sometimes it feels like I'm reading a manga. It's that bad.
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Posted 11/26/14
The Good:
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Hunter x Hunter 2011
Death Note
Yu Yu Hakusho
JoJo'Bizarre Adventure

The Bad: (excluding Slam Dunk)
Posted 11/26/14

Free! (the animation is flawless, the story is great, great characters, love the soundtrack and voice acting)
Haruhi Suzumiya 1st season


Haruhi suzumiya 2nd season
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Posted 11/26/14
This is just in my opinion.

The Good:

FMA Brotherhood
Clannad/Clannad After Story
Death Note
Code Geass
Usagi Drop
Spice and Wolf
No Game No Life

The Bad:

Akame ga Kill
Darker than Black

The Ugly:


Currently reading the manga for AgK, and that is just how I feel. Not to say I don't LIKE the show... it is just a poor adaptation. I like when things stay faithful to the original source material.
Posted 11/28/14
I read some of Wolf Children, it was okay. I felt like it had a different tone than the movie, plus Takagi Masakatsu's music is sooooooooo good.

Welcome to the NHK manga and anime are equal, IMO. The manga is more slap stick but also has more depression, while the anime kind of has a heavy feel most of the time....and the music is pretty good in the anime. I guess I just really like music, haha.
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Posted 11/28/14 , edited 11/28/14
I'm just going to focus on shows where I've actually read the source material and seen the adaptation, not just one way.

Attack on Titan - The anime followed the manga to a tee and it out performed the manga in my opinion. The music just set the tone and the art was fantastic. Great adaptation.

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid - Although the LN is the original source, I've read the manga which is suppose to be very faithful. The anime and manga are very much the same. So I suspect that the LN is the same as well? Either way, the anime did a great job adapting it and it was a great watch. I absolutely love FMP. Also there was no anime original end! It can actually get a sequel one of these days, it's fucking unbelievable! Kyo Ani was actually smart and left it open to be continued some day. I guarantee we'll see FMP season 4 eventually.

Akame ga Kill - The first 18.5 episodes were great, it was pretty damn faithful and did the manga some justice. Absolutely loved it.... then episode 19 happened. I love the manga and I did really like the anime as well but these last few episodes have been pretty atrocious to say the least. Still, it had a great ride for 18 episodes so I can't say it's complete shit.

Deadman Wonderland - While not as good as the manga, it was still a fun watch. The ending will leave you very empty though because you just want more and you'll never get more unfortunately. It just was an awkward ending. I wish this series was more popular because it had some very good characters, the powers were sweet, and the setting was great.

Brynhildr in the Darkness - A fucking travesty. Compared to the manga, the anime is a rank below dog shit. Do yourself a favor and just forget that it was ever made. Read the manga and call it good. That's all that needs to be said about good ol' Brynhildr.
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Posted 11/28/14
Attack on Titan

Kannazuki no Miko(A RARE example of an anime being BETTER than the manga)

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Posted 12/27/15
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