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Post Reply Suggestions for the XBOX One App
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Posted 10/10/15
As a German; I'd like to watch the English-shows that aren't region-locked. A man can dream..
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Posted 2/21/16 , edited 10/11/16
Here's my list of issues with the Xbox One app, along with recommended improvements:

1) No easy way to remove shows from your queue. Or at least, I can't figure it out. This seems like a pretty obvious failing. Why can't we get to the show title page you get after searching for a show? From there you can easily add or remove the show from the queue, browse all episodes, etc. Maybe instead of launching the show directly, you should land at that page instead, and then just click a "play" button. Alternatively, press a different button (like Y) to open the options from the queue.

2) No way to manage queue order from the app. From the show title page, I'd love to see additional options for moving the show to the front of the queue. It's sort of annoying to always have to run to my computer to manage the queue. Even more detailed management would be lovely, but even this would let you manage the order to some degree, albeit a bit clumsily.

3) Restart shows from beginning if the current position is near the end. If I ever re-watch a series I really enjoy, it's a real pain, because all the show's current positions are at the end credits, and I have to manually rewind to the beginning of each new episode. If a show auto-advances, and the next show is more than about 90% of the way through, just restart it, because it's likely the person watching it wants to rewatch from the beginning anyhow.

4) Get rid of end-of-series suggestions. First, it's annoying, especially when you're watching new episodes as they air and you continuously hit that screen. Second, the suggestions never seem that relevant anyhow, as it invariable suggests that I watch Naruto, Bleach, or Shugo Chara regardless of what show I'm currently watching. If you're going to inflict those annoying suggestions on me, you need to fix your algorithm so it's not weighted simply towards your most popular and lengthy shows. A good place for this would be on the show's main title page instead.

5) Make the queue's current show progress meter more obvious. Your UI designer sacrificed usability for style here, which seems to be a modern trend. On the Xbox 360, the progress meter was a nice, bright green bar. Why in the world would you make it a thin gray line? It makes it much harder to see which shows in the queue I've watched and which ones are available.

These are all minor annoyances, since the primary functionality of streaming playback works good, and the app seems stable. Even so, I'd love to see these particular improvements made.
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Posted 5/15/16
I am in complete agreement with dutchgun's assessments and list of recommendations. I see no reason why the Xbox One app should not offer the same functionality as the app for the Xbox 360. In fact, I still have my 360 and it's my GoTo device when I want to watch Crunchyroll simply because I find that app the better of the two by far.

I might also venture a suggestion to lengthen the 5 second countdown before auto-advancing to the next episode of a series to 8 or 10 seconds.
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Posted 7/11/16
like most people i find the lack of a start-over feature annoying as well as the the minimal queue management, but another feature i would like to see is an option to watch all the ads at the beginning of an episode so you don't get interrupted 4-5 times by them in a 23min video. i know you can just pay for premium and you don't have to watch them but not everyone can afford that, and maybe some more variety to them as well because watching the same ad 5 time in a row is a little much.
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Posted 10/11/16
I eventually gave up watching on my Xbox One and went exclusively watching on my PS3,PS4,and PS Vita, much easier to navigate and it's also........THE SAME FREAKIN APP!!!!
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