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Post Reply Black Friday on Crunchyroll
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Posted 3/14/15 , edited 3/14/15
I'm really glad that crunchyroll is making some moves to placate loyalists.

The addition of the manga and drama to the premium subscription is a great start. If only they hadn't alienated me with the black friday thing. Do you know how much they saved? $10. Last year, I renewed in November @ $53 cdn for a year membership.

It's march now so i managed to save 5 months of membership without really feeling deprived in any significant way.

This year, it's going to be $59 for the premium membership.

However, in the ensuing time, I have discovered dramafever and daisuki which are new? competititors.

I'm going to try out the other sites first before deciding on whether to return to crunchyroll. Also, I have a monthly netflix account and just discovered the incredible amount of (older) anime on it.

I haven't even discussed the fansub sites yet that I've been forced to "discover"

Finally, funimation has a huge back catalog and is roughly the same cost.

Wow shinji. I understand if you've been financially squeezed somehow but otherwise;, this reminds me of netflix's move to cut dvd's. only a small population cared; but they were vocal.

It doesn't make sense to squeeze your user base just as strong competitors come on the scene.
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