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Posted 11/28/14 , edited 11/28/14
The "recently watched" section of the queue is rather something of a pain: it's in an image view that doesn't load the entire history, so it takes up a lot of room and I keep having to click on "more history" repeatedly to get anywhere. It also goes back only for a limited maximum timeframe.

I'd love to just see a text version, something like: "title - episode number" in plain text without any links whatsoever.
(So watching subsequent episodes would simply add another line. For example: "Fairy Tail Series 2- Episode 33" , then next episode does not update the existing entry but instead gets its own entry: "Fairy Tail Series 2- Episode 34". While it would be a nice feature to update existing entry, I feel this is likely more work and it's just not necessary given the basic nature of this request.)

Why no links?
Because I want CR to keep record of ANYTHING I have watched on CR, so when a series gets removed I most certainly don't want the information from this "dumbed down" history page currently being suggested, to be lost. (I can always just copy the desired information and paste it into CR's main Search function in lieu of any links.)

Why am I suggesting this?
Because I stopped keeping a list of what anime I'd watched once I started paying for CR premium memberships. I foolishly assumed that such a feature already existed and I felt safe in that assumption.

Specifically, when I went to find which episode of ikkitousen I'd left off on CR, the series is gone and so is any indication of where I'd been, even in the entirety of the "recent history" (not that "recent history" is all encompassing). That is, imaginably, worthy of more than a little panic. Whereupon I learned that my feature assumption was not based on reality, I felt despondent and quite crushed - particularly since I have been a premium member several years and have watched many, many things which likely means quite a lot of the record has been lost.

And before anyone bothers to say it: I DO NOT WANT to use a third party website.
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