Framerate smoothing works on some shows, doesn't work on others
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Posted 11/28/14 , edited 11/30/14
Hey there, just got a new Panasonic TC-55AS680U and I'm pretty happy with the Crunchyroll app on it. (Finer control over fast-forwarding would be much desired; I always overshoot or undershoot).

But I'm noticing a framerate difference in some shows. I have the TV's Motion Picture setting turned to "strong," and on some Crunchyroll shows this makes the framerate super super smooth. But some shows look kind of choppy.

Super smooth:
Log Horizon (season 2, I haven't checked season 1)
Sword Art Online (season 2, ditto)
Celestial Method

A bit choppy:
World Trigger
When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

So, I'm wondering if there's some kind of difference in the way the shows are encoded. Are some of them 30fps and some 24fps, or something like that? (Perhaps the choppy ones are originally encoded at 24 fps, but delivered at 30 fps to the Panasonic app?) I can switch from one show to the other and notice the difference, so there's nothing going on with the internet connection that's causing it.
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Posted 12/1/14 , edited 12/1/14
Crunchyroll have encoded those shows at the wrong rate (for all forms of streaming).

World Trigger is encoded at 29.970 fps when it should be 23.976. This may be because Toei is one of the few studios that animate series at 29.970 fps - though World Trigger is not one of those series.
When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace is a strange problem, but it should only be a few episodes that are bad. It's encoded at the right framerate but some frames are replaced by stills. This has been a problem with series from TV Tokyo for almost a year now. The problem comes and goes all the time so you'll find that some episodes are bad and others are good (and sometimes this only affects the second half of episode, or even only the final 2 mins).

This isn't a widespread problem. Others that have the wrong framerate will include all Mediafactory series (29.970 instead of 23.976), but most shows from other publishers should be fine.
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Posted 1/10/15 , edited 1/10/15
It looks like World Trigger should be 23.976 for the show but is correctly 29.970 for the credits sequence. I know that used to be common a few years ago with a lot of series, such as Naruto starting with the 2nd or 3rd OP, but I don't know how common it is now. Does Crunchyroll pick one framerate for the whole show, or can they encode a variable framerate?

For now I'm just accepting the choppiness as the way things are, but it would be nice if they'd fix this in the future.
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