Descendant of the Rose
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Chapter 1
A full moon haunted the pitch black sky. A sparkling pale pink Cherry Blossom fell from the sky. A rattling sound echoed through the air followed by a whispering voice.An English girl with short dark purple hair and brown eyes pulled her pastel pink headphones down to her neck. "Am I imagining things?" she mumbled to herself, turning around to see an empty street. As she turned around, she bumped into someone. Looking up, she saw a tall Italian man with light brown hair and wearing a pair of black glasses. "Sorry," she mumbled, stepping to the side. The man grinned as he grabbed her arm. "Princess," he smiled. "You have the wrong person," she mumbled, trying to pull away. The man's eyes slowly turned black. "You can't fool a demon," he added before pushing her against the wall. She tried to pull away however his grip on her as he was pushing her against the wall was too tight. "I don't know what your talking about," she cried. "Your the Shinigami Princess," the man added, pushing her down to the ground. Black blades suddenly appeared in the air around him. A grin appeared on his face as they shot towards her. She quickly moved, barely missing them. "No more running away, princess," the man moaned. A blade shot passed her, making a cut in the side of her arm as it shot passed. Drops of blood dripped onto the floor. Another barrier of blades shot towards her, cutting her thigh as she dodged out of the way. THUD. "Your seriously weak," the man teased. The man held his hand up into the air, blades forming around him. "This is the end," he grinned, moving his arm down. Suddenly someone grabbed his wrist. A Japanese man wearing jeans and a short sleeved, black top with a thin camouflaged jacket over-top suddenly appeared behind them."Call me Lau, I'm apart of SDC," the new man introduced, kicking the demon backward. "Are you okay?" Lau asked, crouching down in-front of her. She nodded, looking to the side. "Whats your name?" he asked. "Yuki," she mumbled. "Okay, Yuki, you can trust me," he smiled. "Crap," the man moaned, moving the gun up towards Yuki. He moved away from Lau, grabbing Yuki's arm. "Princess," he added, pulling the trigger. Yuki quickly struggled out of the way. A gunshot echoed through the air. Yuki flinched as pain rushed through her arm.A burst of white light sent out as Yuki fell forwards. Once the light disappeared her appearance had changed. Standing there was a young, cute Japanese girl with a baby face and pure white hair that was curled and split in half by two pink hair-ties in high twin tails , causing it to reach just above her waist was walking in the snow. Her height was 152 cm. A full fringe covered her forehead, laying just above her eyes. Her right eye was violet and her left eye was pastel pink. THUD. "Your the princess?" Lau questioned. "Now you see why I wanted to kill her," the man nodded. Lau rushed forwards, crouching down in-front of Yuki. He placed pressure against the gunshot wound. "Princess?" Yuki mumbled, trying to hide the pain. Even her voice sounded cute. "I'm going to have to stop him," Lau added. "Stop him?" Yuki repeated. "Enough of this," the demon complained, holding his hand up into the air. Black blades appeared in the air around them before shooting towards Yuki and Lau. Lau quickly pulled Yuki behind him, wrapping his arms around her head and using himself as a shield.A blanket of shadows suddenly appeared, acting as a shield. Shadows moved around the ground as a red pentagram appeared on the ground. "Crap," the man whinnied, stepping backwards. A black glow drifted away from the pentagram as a shadow slowly grew out of it. The black lights flew to the side as bats as a tall, black haired Japanese man stood there.
The demon crouched down on his knees. "Please forgive me," he begged, looking up at the new man. The mans eyes turned red as the bats flew towards the man kneeling down. "Please, It's only because I thought everyone would be safer if she wasn't alive," the man pleased. "That makes it no better," the man coldly responded as the bats covered the demon. A scream echoed through the air. Lau's grip on her increased as Yuki flinched. "Yuki," the man called, causing her to look up at him. " do you know that name?" she mumbled. "My name is Hiyoshi Kurayami, I'm known as Lucifer to most people. To say it bluntly, I'm your father," Hiyoshi introduced. "My... father?" Yuki repeated. Lau stood up, helping Yuki stand up. "We should get your wound sorted first," he reminded. "I can use my powers to heal it quicker if we go somewhere private," he admitted. "My house is just up the road," Yuki mumbled. "I'll help you walk," Lau volunteered. Her house was about a two minute walk up the road from where they were standing. Yuki sat down on the breakfast bar while Lau lightly placed his hand over hers. "This is going to sting a bit," he warned. "Okay..." Yuki mumbled. "It's not going to completely heal but it will help," he explained. Lau helped her take off her jacket so Hiyoshi could get to her arm. He placed his cold hand over the bleeding cut, causing Yuki to flinch. Black shadows spilled out before covering the cut. Yuki flinched as pain rushed through her arm. After a couple of seconds, Hiyoshi pulled his hand away. All was left was a scar from the gun shot wound. "It healed?" Kuro mumbled. "Only on the outside, inside will take a couple more days," Hiyoshi informed. "Thanks for saving me back there," Yuki mumbled. Lau patted her on the head. "Anytime," he smiled. Hiyoshi did a fake cough. Lau quickly moved his hand away from her. A ring around Hiyoshi's finger started glowing. "I need to go, there's an emergency in hell. If you need anything just shout my name," Hiyoshi informed, as he disappeared. "That guy is scary," Lau sighed, glancing down at Yuki. Tears rolled down her checks. "Hey, are you okay?" he panicked, placing his hands on her shoulders. Yuki hid her face behind her hands as she nodded. "It was really scary," she cried. Lau leaned forwards, wrapping his warm arms around her back. "Lau?" she blushed. "Sorry, If I got there sooner then maybe it wouldn't of happened," he muffled through her shoulder. "Your too tight," she mumbled, looking down at the ground. "Sorry," Lau panicked, moving his arms away from her and stepping backwards. "I'm home," a voice called as a woman with medium blonde hair walked in through the front door. She froze as soon as she saw Lau and Yuki. "Ah right, you look different," Lau remembered. "The seal came off?" the woman admittedly guessed. Yuki glanced up at Lau who nodded. "Okay, but who are you?" she asked. "I'm Lau," he introduced. "Right..." the woman rejected. Lau sighed as he ruffled Yuki's hair. "I should let you get some rest or whatever, call me if you need me," Lau stated. Yuki quickly tugged on his sleeve, stopping him from walking. "T-Thanks for saving me," she blushed, looking down at the ground."You look cute when you blush," he smiled, patting her on the head. "See ya later," he waved before heading to the door. "It was a long day," Yuki sighed once she got home from college. The living room was covered in a blanket of darkness. As she switched on the light, a dime light spread into the room. "The light takes to long to come on,"she sighed, placing her i-phone 4 down onto the sofa. Arms formed out of the shadows, wrapping around her stomach and mouth. Yuki quickly kicked them in the shin, causing them to let go of her. THUD. She fell on the ground. "Your really are weak, aren't you?" the man teased, kicking her down to the floor. Yuki went to run off however the man gripped onto her arm. He grinned as he pushed her down onto the sofa before sitting down ontop of her legs. He pulled a silver pair of scissors out from his pocket. "Please don't," Yuki cried, kicking him to move out of the way. He made a cut just by her shoulder blade. A few drops of warm blood dripped down. "Your blood smells really sweet," he added, licking the blood, which caused Yuki to flinch. He moved so he was leaning against her. "Your a pretty cute girl," he whispered, looking to the side to see her.He leaned his head forwards, biting into Yuki's neck which caused her to flinch. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes. He pulled his mouth away as fangs formed in his mouth. "Time to bite you for real," he snickered, his tong rolling along his fangs. Tears rolled down Kuro's checks. Someone suddenly grabbed his hand, pulling him off her. A 177 cm tall, Japanese boy with short dark red hair and dark grey eyes was standing next to the sofa.
"An ace?" the vampire moaned. Yuki quickly sat up, however pain rushed through her. "Get out of here!" the new boy demanded, pushing the vampire against the wall. "Why? I was having fun," the vampire grinned. "Just get out of here and never come back," he demanded. "Okay, Okay, fine little Ace. I'll go, see ya Princess," the vampire waved before walking towards the back door. He rushed over to Yuki, helping her sit up. "Are you okay?" he asked, watching the vampire leave in the corner of his eye. Tears rolled down Yuki's checks as she nodded. "I'm Ren," he added. "Yuki," she mumbled, looking down at the ground. Ren pinched her checks, causing her to look up at him. "It's okay, don't worry, I'll protect you," he reasured. Yuki blankly looked up at him. "What's an Ace?" she asked. Ren sighed as he leaned next to her. "The easiest way to describe it is that we're like your knights in shining Armour, we're meant to protect you," he explained. "Then that means i'm the stereotypical weak princess who needs a man to protect her," Yuki mumbled. "Your really strong, don't worry," he responded. "Fine," Yuki pouted, crossing her arms. Ren smiled, patting her on the head. "Your bleeding, I should sort that out," he observed. He lightly licked the blood dripping down her shoulder, causing her to flinch. "Pervert," she blushed, looking to the side. "I'm a Vampire, it will help," he added. "How did you get in here?" Yuki wondered. "I found the key under the bin after I sensed you were in danger," he admitted. "You sensed I was in danger?" Yuki asked. "It's an Ace thing, I guess," he responded, licking the last drop of blood. As he looked up, a smile popped onto his face. "Your blushing a lot," he smiled. "It's not my fault," Yuki blushed. Ren smiled, ruffling her hair. "At least your not crying now," he added, causing her checks to blush even more. "You were trying to cheer me up?" Yuki mumbled. Ren smiled as he nodded. "Of course," he grinned. Tears rolled down her checks. "Y...Yuki?" he panicked, placing his hands on the top of her arms. "Sorry," she mumbled. Ren looked to the side as he wrapped his arms around Yuki, pulling her up against him. "Its been a harsh few days," he sighed, stroking her hair as he looked down at her. "Excuse me," a voice commented from next to them. Looking up, they saw Hiyoshi. "What are you doing to her?" he asked, sounding annoyed. "She was crying..." Ren defended. "Right, reason why your pressing against her," Hiyoshi complained. "Your making it sound worst," Ren admitted. "Coming from what your feeling," Hiyoshi argued. Yuki blankly looked up at Ren who's checks lightly flushed. "I'm the devil, my power means I can tell if someone is feeling lust," Hiyoshi informed. Yuki's checks turned bright red as she looked up at Ren. Yuki quickly moved out of his arms, shuffling backwards. "Your one of the Aces," Hiyoshi started. "Yes sir," Ren nodded. "I'm trusting you to protect her," Hiyoshi stated, suddenly disappearing as he touched his ring. "It's really awkward..." Yuki mumbled, looking down. "Ignore what he said," Ren added. "So your saying he wasn't telling the truth?" Yuki mumbled. "He wasn't lying..." Ren expressed. Yuki's checks turned red as she shuffled backwards. Shortly after Ren left. The next day after college."Hey," a girl who was around the same height as Yuki grinned. Her dark purple hair reached up to her elbows. "Karen," Yuki smiled, hugging the girl in-front of her. "Your charm is so cute," Karen smiled, noticing the crescent moon shaped charm in Yuki's hand. "I brought it in Brighton," Yuki smiled. "It looks cool," Karen nodded. "Well this is my way, see ya," Karen waved as she walked down a different path. Suddenly a black cat ran past, grabbing the charm before running of into an abandoned building. "I think it came in here," Yuki mumbled, opening the old door. Inside was a indoor swimming pool which was covered in leafs and mold. Overgrown branches were covering the wall. "Where did that cat go?" Yuki mumbled, sounding scared as she walked inside. The door slammed behind her, causing her to jump. MEOW. The cat suddenly ran in-front of her, dropping the charm before running of. "That was weird," Yuki sighed, picking up the charm. "Princess," a female voice commented from behind her. Standing behind her was a woman with black hair reaching her shoulders with a green tip tied and a green side fringe. "Sorry, I followed a cat in here to get this," Yuki mumbled, holding up the charm. The woman smiled as she stepped forwards. "That's okay," she grinned, pulling a blade out from behind her. Yuki stepped backwards, slipping over an overgrown tree branch. THUD. Yuki quickly stood up before running of. The woman threw the blade at her, causing it to go through Yuki's arm who flinched. Yuki slowly pulled the blade out, dropping the blade to the ground.Blood rolled down her arm. "Your weak," the demon grinned, kicking Yuki down to the ground. Yuki quickly stood up, dodging out of the way of the blade before stepping backwards. "I wouldn't walk backwards anymore, if I was you," the demon warned.Yuki glanced behind her to see that she was standing on the edge of the pool. Frost formed around her feet. "Are you scared?" the demon grinned, looking down at Yuki who tried to move out of the way."Stupid Shinigami," the demon moaned, kicking Yuki backwards.SPLASH. Water spilled out of the pool. The demon jumped in. Suddenly her legs turned into a mermaid tail. "Get away from her!" a male voice ordered. A 168 cm tall Japanese boy with light blue hair and sky blue eyes wrapped around her waist.
His grip increased on her as he moved a gun out from behind him, aiming it straight at the mermaid. BANG. As soon as the bullet hit the mermaids head, she turned into gold dust. The boy quickly swam up to the surface of the water. Yuki started coughing. "How much water did you swallow?" he asked. Yuki wrapped her arms around his shoulder. "Only a little," she mumbled. "Only a little?" he repeated, watching her nod. He wrapped his arm around her back before swimming to the edge, helping her out of the pool before climbing up himself. Yuki tugged on the end of her sleeves.He picked up his jacket of the side before wrapping it around her shoulders. "We need to go warm you up," he sighed, placing his hand on-top of her forehead. "W...who are you?" Yuki mumbled. "I'm Leiko," he introduced. Yuki awkwardly nodded. "I'm an Ace," he explained. He wrapped his arms around her, helping her stand up. "My apartment is nearby," he sighed. "I'll be okay," Yuki mumbled. "You almost drowned, its not okay," he complained. He guided her to a nearby apartment building. "Make yourself at home," he expressed, closing the door behind him. "Thanks," Yuki blushed. "You don't have to be so nervous," Leiko commented, walking to one of the rooms. "Sorry," Yuki mumbled. Leiko opened the door leading to a room with a white fluffy carpet and light blue walls. A visual kei band poster was on the wall above a double black bed covered in a white duvet. Next to the bed was a bedside table which had an anime figure ontop along with a phone. A wardrobe was opposite the bed. He rummaged through the cluttered wardrobe, picking up a short sleeved black top. "Go get changed into this in the bathroom," he ordered, pacing it to her. "Okay," Yuki awkwardly nodded. The top reached just under her hips. "Luckily its really big," Yuki sighed before leaving the bathroom. Leiko was getting changed in his room when the door opened. "Your not injured anywhere, are you?" he asked. Yuki's face turned bright red. "Why aren't you wearing a top?" she blushed. "Why? Problem with my abs?" he asked. "It's awkward..." she mumbled. "Because of my chocolate abs?" he grinned. Yuki looked down at the ground, pressing her index fingers against each other. He sighed, putting on a black vest top. "You look kinda cute," he smiled, looking down at her. Yuki pulled down the top slightly. "You only said kinda," she pouted. Leiko grinned, patting her on the head. "Sleep here tonight," Leiko suggested. "S...sleep here?" she blushed. "Well unless you rather summon your father and sleep at his castle," Leiko responded. "He... he would be worrying and I don't want to," Yuki mumbled. "Then here's the best option," he reminded. "But staying at a guys place..." Yuki mumbled. "I won't do anything to you," he reasured. Her checks blushed. "What are you thinking off?" Yuki flushed. Leiko's checks lightly blushed as he looked to the side. "What do you want to eat?" he offered, changing the subject. "I don't mind," Yuki mumbled. "Ah right, your taste buds probably changed when the seal came off," he remembered, watching her nod. "I don't know what I like now," she sighed. "Okay, I'll go make you something," he nodded before leaving the room. Yuki phoned her mum to tell her that she was sleeping at a friends house. "Foods ready," Leiko called out. "It smells really good," Yuki muffled, popping her head out from behind the door. "Pancakes," Leiko grinned, placing them on-top of plates before walking closer to her. He pulled her down onto the sofa next to her. "Do you want any help with eating?" he offered, noticing the cut on her shoulder and arms. "What happened?" he asked. "Just a couple of other demons have turned up," she mumbled, looking down. Leiko sighed, patting her on the head before handing Yuki some of the pancake on a fork. Yuki's checks blushed as she took a bite of the pancakes, nodding. "It's good," she smiled, doing a thumps up. Leiko grinned as he took a bite before Yuki could. He winked before wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "Do... do you want any more?" Yuki blushed. "I ate before I found you, I'm fine," he responded. "Okay," Yuki blushed, taking another bite. A couple of minutes later she had finished eating. "You feel pretty cold," he sighed, placing his hand against her forehead. "Thanks for saving me," Yuki mumbled. "You don't need to worry about apologizing," he smiled. Yuki yawned, covering her mouth with her hand. "Lets go get some sleep," he responded, helping her stand up. "You can sleep on my bed, I'll be on the sofa if you need more," Leiko informed, stretching his arms. Yuki lightly tugged on his shirt as she looked away. "Y...You can sleep on the bed as well," she blushed. Leiko's face turned bright red as he nodded. "Okay," he beamed. It didn't take long for Yuki to fall asleep. The bright light beamed through the closed curtains. Yuki opened her eyes to see that Leiko was laying next to her with his arms around her back. Her head was resting against his chest. Their legs were intertwined and brushing against each others. "L-Leiko?" she quietly blushed, looking up at him. His grip on her back increased as he leaned closer. "Your too close," she mumbled. Leiko slowly opened his eyes. His face turned red as he noticed how close he was to Yuki. "Sorry," he flushed, moving his arms away from hers. "Your squishing my legs," Yuki blushed. Leiko's red turned bright red as he quickly sat up, moving away from her. "Sorry, I- I didn't mean to. I promise I didn't do anything besides that!" he defended. Yuki weakly sat up, looking down at the bed. "It's okay," she blushed. "I'm gonna go make breakfast," he babbled, quickly getting up and leaving the room. He placed his finger against his lips as he looked down. "Am I falling for her already?" he asked to himself. After breakfast Yuki went to get changed. "I'll take you home," he added, watching her coming out of his room wearing her dried clothes from the night before. "I'll be okay," Yuki mumbled. "Do you even know what town we're in?" he asked, watching her reaction. "Thought so," he grinned. He took her home after getting changed. KNOCK.KNOCK.The front door opened with her mum in the doorway. "By friend... you meant a guy?" her mum asked, looking up at Leiko. "I'm an Ace," he nodded. "So does that mean you were in trouble and he saved you?" her mum guessed. "A mermaid was trying to kill her," Leiko responded. "So that means you were under water?" her mum added. "Why is that so important?" Leiko asked, confused. "She has a phobia of deep water and going under water," her mum informed. "Seriously?" Leiko asked, looking down at Yuki who glanced up at him for a couple of seconds. Leiko bend his knees so he could look Yuki straight in the eye. "Why didn't you tell me that you were scared?" he sighed. "You went through all that effect to save me, i didn't want to bother you," Yuki admitted. "Jeez," he sighed, pinching her checks. "Leiko..." she mumbled, looking up at him. His checks turned red as they exchanged eye-contact. "You should go get changed for college," her mum sighed. "Okay, I'll see you later," she blushed, waving slightly before running up stairs. "Well I should get going," Leiko nodded, turning around. "Wait," her mum moaned. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he stopped walking. He slowly turned around. "What did you do to her last night?" her mum asked. "Nothing, I hugged her while I was asleep, thats all," he flushed. "So that means you were in the same bed," her mum commented. "Nothing happened!" he babbled. "You sound suspicious," her mum replied. "I-I need to go, bye," Leiko blushed before walking off. A couple of days later Hiyoshi had used his powers to transport Yuki to a large black castle. "Lucifer," a male voice stated. A tall man with sharp features was standing behind them. His outfit consisted of a short sleeved white shirt which had the top button undone and black trousers. "This is Vincent, my right hand man," Hiyoshi introduced. "It's a pleasure to meet you," Vincent greeted, bowing politely. "It's nice to meet you too," she blushed. "I have a lot to do so I must get going," Vincent announced before leaving the room. "Tomorrow, there is a ball here at the castle which your going to," Hiyoshi informed."A ball....?" Yuki mumbled. "It's a good opportunity to meet some of more spirits and even see that not all of hell or the supernatural world is bad," Hiyoshi informed. "Am I...Am I allowed to invite two people?" Yuki mumbled. "The Aces?" Hiyoshi guessed, watching Yuki nod. "I guess that would be alright," he nodded. "Really?" Yuki beamed. Hiyoshi lightly pressed his ring. Suddenly Leiko and Ren fell from the ceiling, landing on the feet. "What the hell?" Ren moaned, freezing as he noticed Hiyoshi. Leiko smiled as he glanced over at Yuki. "You two are coming to the ball tomorrow," Hiyoshi informed. "Why the hell would we do that?" Ren moaned. "Because my daughter for some reason wanted you two there," Hiyoshi explained. Leiko and Ren both glanced down at Yuki. "Sorry," she mumbled. "You want us to go with you?" Ren asked.Yuki nodded, glancing at Leiko. "I'll be okay with going," he nodded. "Fine," Ren complained, crossing his arms. "Thanks," Yuki smiled. "The three of you sleep at the castle the night tonight," Hiyoshi demanded. "Why?" Leiko asked. "We will be too busy to transport the three of you," Hiyoshi admitted, taking a sip out of his whisky. "That just sounds lazy," Leiko sighed. Hiyoshi glared over at him. "Of course you will be staying in separate rooms," he argued. Leiko and Ren both sighed. "Hiyoshi..." Yuki mumbled, catching his attention. "We don't have anything to wear tomorrow and plus with sleeping over tonight...." Yuki mumbled. "I put you know what in your room so don't worry. And plus, this is hell and i'm the devil I have the power to get you three clothes," he responded. "Why did I agree to go?" Yuki sighed, laying backwards on the bed. "You were the one who told us to come with you," Leiko reminded, leaning over her. "Because I didn't want to go on my own," Yuki admitted. Ren smiled as he laid down next to her. "It makes me slightly happy that you want to spend time with us," he smiled, kissing her on the check which caused her to blush. Leiko nodded as he laid down next to her. "He's right, we thought you wouldn't care about us," he nodded. "Thats kinda harsh," Yuki mumbled, looking up at him. That night they all ate in the dining room at the castle. The next day. "Is this okay?" Ren moaned, looking to the side. He was wearing a simple outfit which consisted of a white shirt, black trousers a black blazor, a black tie and white shoes.
"It looks good on you," Yuki nodded. Ren smiled as he looked at her. "Wearing a suit makes me feel old," Leiko complained, walking around the corner. He was wearing a long sleeved white shirt with the top three buttons undone, a black waistcoat, black trousers and black shoes."Aren't you going to get changed?" Ren asked, glancing down at Yuki's outfit. "My dress hasn't arrived yet," she explained. "Seriously? Its two hours till the ball," Ren complained. "Whatever your wearing, you will look cute," Leiko smiled. Yuki's checks lightly blushed as she looked down at the ground. Half an hour her dressed arrived in a black dress box. After getting changed, Yuki curled her hair before doing her makeup. The large hall had a long table along the left side of the room covered in a variety of party food and glasses filled with a variety of drinks. The middle of the hall was filled with people with different appearances wearing either suits or ball gowns. Hiyoshi was in the middle of greeting the guests who entered the hall. Vincent was standing next to him, making sure he wasn't drinking any more whisky. "That girl is taking too long," Ren complained, crossing his arms. "She is a Princess after-all," Leiko reminded. "Sorry I took so long," Yuki blushed from behind them. As soon as they turned around, their faces turned red as they smiled. She was standing there wearing a pale pink and white laced dress, shear tights which had small faint hearts stitched on and a pair of three inch pastel pink heels.
"Do I look really bad?" she asked. "The opposite," Leiko blushed. Ren picked up one of the sausage rolls of the table next to him before eating it straight away. A woman wearing a floor length crimson red dress walked over to them, focused on Leiko. On her head were a pair of cat ears and a cat tail hung from behind her. "If it's alright, may I have this dance?" she requested. Leiko glanced at Yuki before nodding. "It would be a pleasure," he nodded. "So he's made a cat demon fall in love with him at first sight huh?" Ren sighed. "Princess," he blushed, holding his hand out towards Yuki. "I can't dance," she blushed. "It will be okay," Ren reasured as she placed her hand in his. Yuki was standing so close to him that she could feel his heart beating. His scent of peaches increased. "You've had a harsh past couple of days," Ren started. Yuki glanced up at him. "Probably not as annoying as yours," Yuki sighed. "I like hanging out with you," Ren admitted. "But aren't you only doing it because your an Ace and have to?" she guessed. "I care about you, not some role as the devils daughter," Ren confessed. Yuki's checks lightly blushed. "Ah,Shiroyama, can I talk to you?" a man interrupted. Ren looked down at Yuki before nodding. "Of course," he nodded, following the man to the side. Yuki sighed, leaning against the wall. "How long do i have to stay?" she mumbled. "Hello young lady," a man stated, walking in-front of her. "Hi," Yuki awkwardly mumbled. "Why is such a cute girl on her own?" he asked, stepping forwards. "My friends are busy," she mumbled. "Ah thats a shame, maybe I should entertain you instead," he grinned, placing his hands on Yuki's waist before she could move out of the way. "W-what are you doing?" Yuki mumbled, looking to the side. "Just some fun," he whispered, licking the side of her neck which caused her to flinch. From where she was standing she couldn't see Ren, Leiko, Hiyoshi or Vincent. "Please stop," she blushed. "Why would I do that, Princess?" he grinned, leaning closer. "You know who I am?" Yuki mumbled. "I'm an Incubus, I can tell these things," he whispered. "Incubus?" Yuki blushed, trying to move out of the way however as he was so close, even his legs trapped her there. "Please let go of me," she cried. The man grabbed her wrist pulling it down to her side. "My power is super strength so you can't fight away from me," he grinned. His grip on her wrists were starting to hurt. "Your hurting my wrists," Yuki mumbled, looking down at the ground. "It's certainly interesting my other power isn't working on you," he whispered into her ear. "W...What do you mean?" Yuki mumbled, looking up at him. "I'm an Incubus, my powers also mean I can get anyone, male or female, to feel lust towards me and then lets me do whatever I want," he admitted, biting the top of her ear which caused her to flinch. Wine suddenly splashed on his back. A 171 cm tall Japanese boy with pitch black hair which covered his left eye and dark red eyes stood behind them. His outfit consisted of black jeans and a black waist coat which had white patterns on.A piercing was on on the side of his lip as well as one on each of his ears.
"Whats your problem?" the man moaned. "You disgust me," the black haired boy complained. "Me? What about you? You damned Vampire. Vampires aren't any better then Incubus you feel just as much lust however feed of blood instead," the man argued. "True, but what your doing to this 16 year old is disgusting," the vampire responded. "You would be doing the same," the incubus exclaimed, leaning closer to Yuki who flinched. "Your in the same room as the devil," the vampire reminded. "So your saying its risky because if he saw me right now I would be thrown into the Abyss?" the incubus asked. "Yes," the vampire nodded, exchanging eye contact with Yuki. "Fine, i'll just get both of us a room," the man responded, grabbing Yuki's hand before stepping forwards. Yuki tried to pull away from him however it wasn't any use. "I was hoping to not result to this," the vampire sighed, stepping forwards. As he held out his hand, a gun suddenly appeared. He leaned it against the Incubus's head, pulling the trigger. A gun shot filled the air. The music stopped playing as everyone looked over at them. The man turned to black smoke. Yuki fell forwards, being caught by the Vampire. "Did he hurt you?" he asked. Yuki shock her head, looking down at the ground. "Whats happening here?" Vincent interrupted, walking up with Hiyoshi. "I'm sorry to disturb the party, but an Incubus was getting too touchy with Miss Yuki," the vampire politely explained. "How did you know my name?" Yuki mumbled, looking up at him. "Touchy huh?" Hiyoshi moaned, stepping forwards. "Why does he care so much?" someone whispered. Hiyoshi grabbed Yuki's wrist, pulling her away from him. "In the future refrain from touching my daughter as well," he instructed. "Daughter?" someone whispered. "I saved her, unlike them," he responded, glancing at Ren and Leiko who came running up. "Can you let go of me?" Yuki mumbled. Hiyoshi quickly moved his arm away from her. "Miss Yuki, may I speak to you aware from them?" the vampire requested. Yuki glanced up at Hiyoshi before nodding. He guided Yuki to the balcony before closing the balcony doors. Yuki stepped backwards, against the edge. "You seem afraid of me, that's good," he informed. Yuki nodded. "That guy, did you do anything else to you?" he asked. Yuki shock her head, looking down at the ground. He pulled something out of his pocket, lightly grabbing Yuki's hand. Her checks lightly blushed. Inside his other hand was a ring which had a pentagram in the middle. "If you wear this, you can call out to me to come protect you," he informed. "Why are you talking me this?" she mumbled. His cold hand cooled down her temperature. "I want to protect you," he informed. "Why?" Yuki mumbled. "I have not decided yet," he bluntly commented. "Are you okay with having this ring?" he offered. "You should keep it or give it to someone more important," Yuki mumbled. "Your the Shinigami Princess," he reminded. "I didn't choice to be, why does everyone care so much about it?" she cried. Tears rolled down her checks. She quickly crouched down on the ground, covering her head with her hands. "I didn't suspect this," he sighed, crouching down. "You can stop crying," he added. "I don't like this, I feel really weak and every body treats me like I committed a crime," she cried. "Hey, kid," he complained, causing her to look up at him. He carefully placed his ring on her ring finger. "I can help you forget about that Incubus," he stated, leaning closer. "Forget?" Yuki repeated. The vampire grinned as he licked her neck. "If i bite you, you would only focus on me," he whispered. "Pervert!" Yuki blushed, kicking him where it hurts before moving to the side. "Why did you do that?" he complained. "You were being a pervert..." Yuki mumbled, looking down. "That really hurt," he complained, looking up at her as she shuffled to the side. "You deserved it," she blushed. "Wait," he panicked, leaning forwards and moving her bra strap back up. Her face turned red. "That room is filled with perverts so didn't want you going back in and getting some guy hitting on you and playing with the bra strap or something," he defended. "You are one of the perverts!" Yuki blushed. He sighed before standing up. "My name is Aoi, I'll see you around," he coldly added before walking off. "Yuki! What did that guy do to you?" Ren complained, rushing over to her with Leiko. "Nothing," she responded, looking up at him. A couple of hours later, Leiko, Yuki and Ren went home. "Thanks for going with me," Yuki blushed. "It was fun," Leiko smiled, patting her on the head. "Even if some weird Vampire starting flirting with you," Ren complained. "Do you really have to comment about that?" Yuki blushed. "You sound really jealous," Leiko expressed. Ren flushed as he looked to the side. The front door opened with Yuki's mum in the doorway. "Thanks again, I'm going to go in, bye-bye," Yuki smiled, waving before going inside. Leiko and Ren's faces flushed as they looked at her mum who was staring at them. "Bye," they said in-unison. The next day at college Yuki was leaning her head on her arms on the table in a middle of the lesson."Yuki?" a blonde girl sitting next to her called. Yuki glanced up at her. "Whats wrong?" Yuki asked. "You've been spacing out for the past ten minutes," the girl responded. "Jemima's right, you've barely been paying attention to this lesson," the boy on the table nodded. "Right, Sam agrees," Jemima nodded. "Something happened last night that's all," Yuki mumbled. "Is that why you wasn't here yesterday?" Sam guessed. "I was with my dad," Yuki nodded. "Eh? Your dad?" Jemima commented. Yuki nodded, glancing at the teacher who wasn't taking notice of them talking. "What's he like?" Jemima asked. "The devil," Yuki mumbled. "That's harsh," Sam commented. "He's really the devil," Yuki mumbled, looking up at them. "Could you leave conversations to an hours time when lesson's finished?" the teacher interrupted, making them jump. "Yuki, can I speak to you?" the teacher asked once lesson finished. "Your in trouble," Jemima whispered. "Is something wrong?" Yuki mumbled. "Apparently from your other teachers you haven't been paying attention all day," her teacher stated once everybody else left the classroom. "Sorry," Yuki mumbled. "Just pay attention tomorrow," the teacher sighed. "Okay," Yuki nodded. She quickly rushed to the bus stop outside waitrose. There was no one else waiting. The sky was covered in a blanket of darkness. "I missed the bus," Yuki sighed, sitting down on the bench. A pair of hands wrapped around her eyes from behind her. "Boo," Lau smiled, leaning over the back of the bench. "Lau!" she beamed, turning around. Lau sat down next to her, leaning backwards on the bench."Why are you sitting on your own, in the dark at 5:30 at night?" Lau asked. "My teacher kept me behind to talk to me and I missed the bus," Yuki admitted. "Whens the next bus?" Lau wondered. "6:30," Yuki sighed. Lau took his army jacket off, placing it around her shoulders. "SDC is coming in 40 minutes to pick me up, since you would have to wait around anyway do you want them to give you a lift?" Lau offered. "SDC?" Yuki repeated. "Supernatural defense corporation," Lau explained, moving closer to her. "Supernatural defense corporation..." she mumbled. "They actually want you to join them," he admitted. "Me?" she blushed, looking up at him. "Although it would put you in more danger," he sighed. "Anyway i'm okay without the jacket, your going to get cold," Yuki blushed. "I'm okay with it, I have coffee anyway," Lau reasured, holding up his costa coffee. "Thanks," Yuki blushed. Half an hour later. "It's too cold," Yuki shivered. Lau wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up onto his lap before wrapping his arms around her stomach. "Lau?" she blushed, looking behind her at him. "This can help warm you up, I have a high body temperature," he added, leaning his head on her shoulder. "We're in public!" she blushed. "So you would be okay with it if we weren't in public?" he asked. "That wasn't what I meant," she blushed, looking to the side. "Your too cute," he smiled, hugging her which caused her checks to blush. "We're not disturbing anything, are we?" a male voice asked. Looking up, they both saw a tall man with black hair. "Boss..." Lau added. "Boss?" Yuki mumbled. "Is it okay if you drive the Princess home as well?" Lau requested. "About that, why is a 23 year old pulling a 16 year old down onto his lap?" the man asked. Lau moved his hands away from Yuki who quickly got off him. "I see that you were getting excited," the man sighed. Lau quickly stood up. "Don't just shout things like that out," he flushed. "Anyway, My name is Lind L Taylor, I'm the boss of the UK division of SDC," the man introduced. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Yuki," she shyly blushed. "I presume he said we want you to join the team," Taylor guessed, watching her nod. "We would appreciate it," he nodded. Yuki glanced up at Lau. "Well it means we get to see more of each other," Lau admitted. "What would I have to do?" Yuki mumbled. "Go on missions, fight against supernatural creatures," Taylor admitted. "I'm weak, I would be of any help," she mumbled. "You will," Taylor responded. Yuki glanced at Lau before nodding. "If its okay," she mumbled. "Welcome to the team," Taylor nodded, pacing Yuki a badge which had a pentagram on one side. Lau smiled, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "Anyway, its cold, lets get into the van," Taylor sighed, walking towards the van behind them which had blacked out windows. "It's really suspicious," Yuki mumbled, stepping closer to Lau. "Don't worry, he's not creepy," Lau reasured. The next day. "You look cute," Jemima smiled, doing a thumps up. "Thanks," Yuki smiled, spinning around. Her outfit consisted of a pink fluffy jacket, a white blouse, a pink skirt, pale pink over the knee socks and pastel pink boots.
"My bus is here," Jemima added, rushing across the side of the road as a bus pulled up at the bus station. "It's almost the end of the week," Yuki sighed once she got home.A pair of arms wrapped around her. "Let me go!" she blushed, struggling to move out of his arms. The man pressed something against her neck, causing her to flinch. "Why would I do that?" he whispered.Her neck started to hurt as the demon pushed the syringe into her neck. Her vision started to go blurry before falling forwards. She opened her eyes, seeing that she was sitting in a large black and white checkered and room which didn't have any windows or doors. The man from before walked out of the shadows. "Hello, Princess," he grinned. Yuki shuffled backwards, bumping into the wall. "W-Where is this?" she cried. "A dimension I've created with my powers," he grinned, kicking Yuki down. Yuki used the wall to stand up before stepping to the side. "Please, take me home," she begged. "Why? The fun is only just starting," he grinned. Blades shot towards her. Pain rushed through her as the blades shot past her, cutting her thigh, shoulder and arm. Blood rolled down her leg. "Ow," Yuki mumbled, wrapping her hand over the cut on her arm. Frost covered the ground underneath her. "Stop," a male voice demanded.Strawberry vines wrapped around the walls. A 172 cm tall Korean boy stood in-front of her. His light brown hair blowing in the wind. His golden eyes focused on hers.
"I'm Akemi," he introduced. "Akemi, look out!" Yuki called as blades shot towards them.
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Chapter 2
Akemi quickly grabbed her hand before dodging out of the way. "Are you hurt?" he asked, looking down at her. "I'm okay," Yuki mumbled, hiding her arm behind her. Akemi pulled her out in-front of her, looking down at the cut. "Your bleeding," he sighed. "It's okay," she mumbled. Akemi glared over at the demon, handing out his hand. Strawberry vines grew out of the ground. A gun suddenly appeared in Akemi's hand. Yuki flinched as a gunshot filled the air. Pain rushed through Yuki's leg. "Hey!" he panicked, catching her as she fell forwards. He sat down with Yuki leaning against him."Your thigh's bleeding as well," Akemi panicked, noticing the blood. "I'm okay," Yuki mumbled, looking down. "Jeez," Akemi sighed, lifting up her skirt slightly to see the cut. "Pervert!" Yuki blushed. Akemi moved his arm away from her, getting a plaster out from his pocket. He gently placed a plaster down over both of the cuts. "You need to tell me if your hurt anywhere," he ordered. "There's one on my shoulder," Yuki mumbled, looking down. Akemi leaned forwards, slipping her jacket sleeve. "You get hurt too much," he sighed, placing another plaster down onto the cut, causing her to flinch. "In the future, promise me if that you will tell me if your hurt," Akemi ordered. "Okay," Yuki nodded. Akemi held his little finger out towards Yuki who linked fingers with him. The wall started to fall apart. "This dimension is collapsing, we need to go," Akemi added, helping Yuki stand up. "How do we get out?" Yuki mumbled. Akemi wrapped his arms around her, picking her up princess style which caused her checks to turn red. "A-Akemi!" she blushed, gripping onto his sleeve. He jumped up through the hole in the ceiling before falling forwards. THUD. Yuki opened her eyes to see that she was laying on the roof of a building in Brighton which had an ice rink next to it. Akemi had fallen on-top of her. "A-Akemi!" Yuki blushed, looking to the side. Akemi opened his eyes to see how close Yuki was. He could feel her warmth and smell her scent of Strawberries. His checks turned bright red. "Your really soft and smells like strawberries," he smiled. "Pervert!" she blushed. Akemi smiled, patting her on the head. "You smell like roses," Yuki mumbled. "Am I soft?" he asked. "No... your hard instead," Yuki babbled. Akemi smirked as he bursted out laughing. "I meant your abs and muscles," Yuki blushed. Akemi started laughing more as he sat up. "Your an interesting girl," he grinned. "Can you get of me?" she blushed. "Okay," he sighed, sounding disappointment as he got off her legs and sat down next to her. "Are we in Brighton?" she guessed, looking over the edge of the roof. "Yeah, do you want to go ice skating?" he smiled. "Ice skating? I can't skate," she blushed. "Now your seal came off you can do things you didn't used to and plus you have powers over frost," he reminded. "I do?" Yuki asked. Akemi pointed down to the frost that was covering the area around her hand. "Oops," she panicked, moving her hand. Akemi held his hand out towards her. "Okay," she nodded, placing her hand in his. Akemi stood up, working out the easiest way to jump down without being spotted by anyone. His grip increased as he jumped of the roof, landing straight on the ground. "Are you okay?" he asked, looking down at Yuki. "That was scary..." she mumbled. Akemi grinned, patting her on the head. "You worry too much," he smiled. Akemi paid the woman standing at the counter before being passed two pairs of ice skates. Akemi carefully sat down on the chair, putting on his skates as Yuki sat down, starting to struggle as she tried to untie the laces on the skates. Akemi smiled as he crouched down in-front of her. "Princess, allow me to tie your shoes," he smiled. "A-Akemi? Why are you being embarrassing?" Yuki blushed. "You are the Princess, so I must treat you like one," he responded. "But call me Yuki, and your making everyone look at us," she whispered, her face blushing as she looked down. "Okay, Yuki," he grinned, patting her on the head. He slipped off her boots before carefully putting a pair of ice skates on her. "This is embarrassing," Yuki blushed. Akemi smiled as he tied the laces before doing the same with the other pair. "This feels nice doing this," he smiled, patting her on the head as he stood up. Yuki's face was bright red as he looked up at him and nodded. Yuki grabbed a hold of his arm as she carefully walked to the ice rink. Akemi almost fell down, grabbing a hold of Yuki who looked up at him. She started giggling as Akemi's checks flushed. As soon as they got onto the rink, Yuki slipped, falling down. Akemi quickly caught her before falling himself. "Ow," he mumbled, looking up to saw Yuki. As they exchanged glances, they bursted out laughing. "Okay, lets try again," he smiled, helping her stand up. "Your better then I thought," he smiled after a couple of minutes. "You too, you haven't fallen down in a while," Yuki smiled. Akemi suddenly fell down, pulling Yuki down with him. "Sorry," he sighed. "I was the one who spoke too soon," she giggled, standing up. She fell forwards, being caught by Akemi. "We haven't even made it off this side," he smiled, standing up. "It's harder then I thought," Yuki nodded, skating forwards. "For her first try, she's really good," Akemi smiled, skating after her and grabbing her hand on the way past. Yuki smiled, increasing her grip on him as she skated forwards. As someone skated past, they accidentally knocked Yuki to the side. THUD. "Yuki!" Akemi panicked, holding his hand out towards her. "Are you okay?" he asked. "I'm fine," she nodded, using his hand to help her stand up. "What was that guy thinking? He didn't even say sorry," Akemi complained. "It's okay, I'm fine. And plus we've been falling all day," Yuki reminded. "Good point," Akemi laughed, patting her on the head. "Thanks for paying today," Yuki smiled. "It was fun," Akemi grinned, patting her on the head. "Remember, call me if you need anything," Akemi reminded. "Okay," Yuki smiled, nodding. "That means there's one more Ace somewhere," Ren nodded, sitting backwards on the sofa in Yuki's living room which was nearer the window. Leiko was sitting on the chair next to him while Akemi and Yuki were sitting on the sofa. "If there's four aces and i'm a Shinigami which resembles soul... Akemi summoned strawberry vines which counts as earth... do you to have elemental powers?" Yuki guessed. "Yeah, and I saved you in water. My powers are water," Leiko nodded, holding his hand out in-front of him. A bubble of water formed above his hand. "My powers are over fire," Ren nodded as a fire flame appeared above his hand. "So that means the other Ace should have air related powers," Yuki guessed. "I guess that makes sense," Ren agreed. "But why are all the Aces really cute Asian guys?" Yuki sighed to herself, not realizing how loud she said it. "Y-Yuki...?" Akemi flushed. Yuki's face turned bright red as she looked up. "Did you all hear that?" she mumbled, watching Ren nod. Yuki's face flushed as she quickly ran out of the room. "At least she thinks we're cute," Leiko smiled. "I have a feeling we're not going to see her for a couple of days," Akemi sighed. Ren stood up, leaving the room. "Ren?" Leiko asked, not getting a response. KNOCK.KNOCK. "Can I come in?" Ren called through the door. "Sorry," Yuki mumbled from inside the room. Ren slowly opened the door to see Yuki crouching in the corner right in-front of the door, holding a 50cm mint Arpakasso plushie and leaning her head on the plushie. Ren sighed as he closed the door before crouching down. He gently placed one hand onto her shoulder. "Are you okay?" he asked. Yuki nodded, not looking up. "No one is going to tease you for what you said or anything," he reasured. "It's really embarrassing," she mumbled. "We all think your cute so we are happy you think the same," he responded, glancing up at the Kpop posters on the walls. "Do you have a thing for Asian guys?" he asked. Yuki's face turned bright red. "Why did you say that?" she blushed, looking up at him. Ren smiled, kissing her on the check. "So its true," he grinned. "N-Not really, I just find most of them c-cute," she blushed, looking to the side. A smile popped onto Ren's face. "I said something embarrassing again," Yuki blushed, leaning her head on the plushie again. "I like it when you say things like that," Ren smiled, leaning closer. Yuki glanced up at him before looking back down. Ren ruffled her hair. "Don't worry," he smiled. Yuki looked up at him. Ren quickly placed his hands each side of her head before she could look back down. "You look really cute when you act shy and embarrassed," he smiled. "Ren..." Yuki blushed. Ren grabbed her hand, pulling her up. "Let's go down stairs to the others," he smiled, dragging her down the stairs. "Your walking too quickly," Yuki mumbled, still gripping onto the Alpaca plushie. "What should I do about Yuki?" Leiko sighed, looking up at the ceiling. "Ren's trying to calm her down," Akemi added. The door swung open with Ren standing in the doorway and Yuki behind him. "She's stopped blushing now," Ren added. "Can you let go of my hand?" Yuki mumbled. Ren moved his hand away before gently pushing Yuki into the room. "Are you okay now?" Leiko asked, looking up at her. Yuki looked down at the plushie before nodding. Akemi suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist. "Your too close," Yuki blushed, trying to move out of the way. THUD. Akemi opened his eyes to see he had fallen on-top of Yuki, again."How did you fall on her?" Ren complained. "It's not the first time," Yuki mumbled. "Hey, are you some kind of pervert?" Leiko complained, standing up off the sofa. "It was when we jumped out of a demons dimension they made," Akemi defended, sitting up. Ren helped Yuki stand up. "It's not any worse then you two," Yuki mumbled. Ren looked over at Leiko. "We might of slept next to each other," Leiko shyly commented. "Hey with mine it was only her father commenting what I was feeling," Ren defended. "Pervert," Akemi added. "She couldn't feel it or anything," Ren defended, glancing at Yuki who's checks blushed. "S-So what should we do?" Yuki mumbled, gripping onto the plushie. "Let's watch anime," Ren sighed, changing the subject. "Okay," Yuki beamed. "So do you like any of the guys?" Karen grinned on the bus home. "They're just friends," Yuki blushed. "But you said they were cute," Karen reminded. Yuki's checks blushed as she nodded, looking out of the window. "I haven't even known them for a weak," she mumbled. "You can fall in love that quickly," she grinned. "Maybe," Yuki blushed. On the walk up from the bus stop, a strange sound filled the air. "Hello, Princess," a female voice grinned. A tall woman was standing on-top of the wall. Her eyes were filled with darkness just like her pitch black hair.Red blades shot towards her. "What should I do?" she mumbled. The ring she was wearing caught her attention. "Princess, look out!" a voice shouted. Yuki covered her head with her hands as paper shot out from behind her, destroying the blades. A 165 cm tall Japanese boy was standing in-front of her.His black hair was neat and his fringe laid just over his golden eyes.
Paper formed in the air around him. The paper morphed into a Katana which appeared in his hand. He rushed towards the demon who dodged out of the way. "Stupid Ace," the demon complained, drawing a Chinese sword from the sword holder around his waist. The boy dodged out of the way as the sword shot towards him. "I'm a Chinese Hoping Zombie, it takes a bit more then a sword to defect me," he sighed, dodging out of the way again. His sword clinked to the ground. "Crap," the boy moaned, summoning another Katana made out of paper. "I need to do something," Yuki mumbled. Frost formed on the ground underneath her. Sparkling stars suddenly appeared in the air around her. The stars lifted up with pink sparkles flying of and bursting as the sparkles touched the ground. Glows of light grew out of the ground. As she held her hand out, a sparkling snowflake appeared along with sparkles drifting off. "Princess..." the boy mumbled, glancing over at her. As she held her hand stretched out, a glowing pale rainbow colored light appeared. Frost covered the wall behind her. The rainbow glow sent out with pale white glowing stars inside, knocking the man backwards. The boy quickly rushed forwards, stabbing the demon with his Katana. The demon turned to ghost dust which drifted away in the wind. Yuki's legs felt weak. She fell forwards, being caught by the boy."Are you okay?" he asked, sounding worried. "I feel weak," she mumbled. "It must be because its the first time using your powers," he guessed, watching her nod. "I'm Kiyomizu Hiroto," he introduced, moving strands of her hair behind her ears. "Yuki..." she blushed, looking to the side. He kissed her on the check before nodding. "Let's get out of here," he nodded. He helped her up the road to her house. "Is anyone else home?" Hiroto wondered. "All at work," Yuki explained. "So its just the two of us here," he smiling. "Pervert," Yuki blushed. "Are you hurt anywhere?" he asked, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "You saved me before she could," Yuki mumbled, awkwardly sitting next to him. Hiroto patted her on the head, causing her to look up at him. "All of the Aces are here," Leiko sighed, leaning backwards in his chair in McDonalds. Hiroto glanced at Yuki before nodding. "Please take care of me," he nodded. "We're friends now, no need to act so formal," Ren smiled. Yuki nodded, swinging her legs under the table. Akemi wrapped his arms around her shoulder. Hiyoshi called them all to his castle. "It makes me worried when he does this," Ren sighed. Yuki nodded, moving behind Akemi slightly. "Why do all of you look so scared of me?" Hiyoshi asked, watching them walk through the front door. "Your the devil..." Leiko reminded. "After Christmas, the five of you will be moving to Japan," Hiyoshi announced. "Eh? We're going to Japan?" Yuki asked. "Why?" Ren complained. "Since Yuki want's to and stuff," Hiyoshi sighed. "Really?" Yuki beamed. "Your a little too happy about this," Hiroto observed. "B...But I don't know Japanese or what are we going to do over there?" Yuki mumbled. Hiyoshi held up a piece of paper. "You can read Japanese?" Yuki mumbled, reading the piece of paper. "It's written in Japanese, and Plus the guys are all fluent in English and Japanese," Hiyoshi explained. "It's creepy you know that," Akemi sighed. "Also all of you are enrolled into a high school in Tokyo," Hiyoshi informed. "What about living arrangements?" Leiko asked. "I'm paying for an Apartment in Shin-okubo that has five rooms," Hiyoshi explained. "So we would be living together?" Yuki guessed. "Yes," Hiyoshi nodded, glaring at the guys who were smiling. Ren patted Yuki on the head. "Then i agree, I prefer Japan anyway," he nodded. "Me too," Leiko nodded, leaning on Yuki's shoulder. "Always wanted to live in Japan," Akemi smiled, linking arms with Yuki. "I'm fine with it," Hiroto grinned, moving strands of Yuki's hair to the side. "I'm regretting this already," Hiyoshi complained. "She is pretty cute, you can't complain that they are all like that to her," Vincent reminded. "Yeah, just makes me want to throw them into the Abyss," Hiyoshi complained. "Defensive over your daughter?" Vincent smiled. Hiyoshi glanced at him. "What are you trying to say?" he argued. "It's weird to see you annoyed over someone like this," Vincent responded. A couple of days later. "It's almost Christmas!" Yuki beamed. "Time to decorate!" Ren smiled, holding up his hand. "Yay," Hiroto added, sounding unenthusiastic. Yuki smiled, linking arms with him. "Don't worry about it," she smiled. Hiroto patted her on the head. "Okay," he smiled. "We're not going to fail at this," Leiko nodded. "Think positively," Ren responded. "Okay, lets do this," Leiko nodded, picking up some pink tinsel out of the bag.Yuki was using a chair to help her hang decorations from the ceiling. "Maybe one of us should do that for you?" Akemi offered. "I'm fine with doing it," Yuki mumbled, pushing the pin into the ceiling which had a white snowflake decoration hanging down. "Are you sure? From here we can see up your top," Leiko admitted. Yuki's face turned red bright as she lightly pulled down her top, slipping on the chair. As she fell backwards, she closed her eyes. "Your pretty clumsy," Hiroto smiled, catching her. "H-Hiroto!" she blushed, quickly going back onto the chair. He smiled, patting her on the head before hanging tinsel on the wall. A couple of hours later they had finished decorating. The kitchen was decorated in green and red colored decoration while the dining room was filled with purple decorations. The living room was decorated with white and pink decorations. "It looks good," Yuki smiled. Hiroto and Leiko smiled as they did a high five. "Ren?" Yuki blushed as she saw Ren standing at the bottom of the overpass outside her college. "Hi," he smiled. A cat jumped onto the wall of a nearby house. "Cats are really cute," Yuki smiled, patting the cat on the head. Ren was grinned as he patted the cat on the head. "He's smiling pretty brightly," Yuki added in her head as she looked up at him. "You love cats, don't you?" Yuki smiled. Ren glanced down at her before nodding. "I've wanted a pet cat for ages," he admitted, still playing with the cat. Two weeks later."Lau!" Yuki smiled, jumping down onto the path. "Sorry, did I keep you waiting?" Lau responded. "Nope, my bus only got in about three minutes ago," Yuki responded. Lau smiled as he noticed the dark blue Christmas bag Yuki was holding. "Is that mine?" he grinned, watching her nod. They walked up to the shopping center before going down to the food court. Yuki paced Lau the Christmas bag which had a box decorated in Disney decorated wrapping paper. Inside was a red beanie with cat ears on the hood and a Fairy Tail Lucy Clock Hand Necklace. "Is it okay?" Yuki asked, sounding worried. "Of course," Lau nodded, putting on the beanie. He did a thumps up before handing Yuki a box decorated in Hello Kitty wrapping paper. Inside was a Yuki Miku figure and a Angelic Pretty bunny shaped necklace."Is it okay?" Lau asked. "They're Kawaii!" Yuki beamed. Lau smiled, patting her on the head. "It's Christmas Eve!" Yuki beamed, spinning around. Akemi, Leiko, Hiroto and Ren had all came round to her house to exchange presents. Hiroto handed a box to Ren. "Don't say I never got anything for you," he mumbled. "Why are you only kind to Yuki?" Ren sighed as he opened the box. Hiroto glanced up at Yuki before back at Ren. "Are you going to open it?" he complained. Ren nodded. Inside.Inside was a One Piece phone holder and a Fairy tale necklace.
"Cheers Hiroto," he smiled. Hiroto grinned, doing a thumps up. Leiko passed him a wrapped present. "Sorry if you don't like it," Leiko added, looking to the side.Inside was a Doreamon plushie
"Awesome," Ren grinned, playing with the arms on the plushie."Here," Akemi sighed, pacing Ren a box. Inside was a One Piece hoodie.
"Cheers," Ren grinned. "I remember you said you liked One Piece," Akemi responded. Happy Christmas," Yuki smiled, handing Ren a wrapped box. Ren smiled as he started to unwape the box. Inside were two cat plushies.
"Sorry! I'm really bad at choicing presents and guys are hard to shop or," she babbled, stopping when Ren patted her on the head. "They're the best presents ever," he smiled. "Hey," Leiko moaned."Okay, Hiroto is next," Yuki beamed. "Why are you acting so happy about this?" Ren asked. "It's fun," Yuiki smiled. Ren brought Hiroto four Soul Eater manga volumes. Leiko brought him a Soul Eater play station game and Nintendo DS game.Akemi brought him a Soul Eater snap back hat and a Soul eater phone charm.
Yuki had given him a Soul Eater full anime box set and a Death the Kid figure. Ren had given Leiko a 40 cm Molang plushie. Akemi had given Leiko a inheritors owl plush and a volume from the Naruto Manga. Hiroto had given Leiko three volumes from Ao no Exorcist manga series. Yuki had gotten Leiko A Happy from Fairy tail plushie and an Ao no Exorcist Rin figure. Ren had gotten Akemi an Exo Kpop poster and a black short sleeved Exo Wolf 88 top. Hiroto had gotten Akemi a box filled with a variety of Korean Candy. Leiko had given Akemi an Exo studded Snap back hat and Exo sneakers.
Yuki had given him two volumes of the manga 'The World God Only Knows' and an Exo M necklace charm. Leiko had given Yuki a Jewel-pet Ruby plushie and a heart shaped pastel pink Angelic Pretty bag. Akemi had given her a Nico love live! figure, a Card Captor Sakura star card phone case and a set of SHINee photo cards. Hiroto had given her a pink bag with angle wings on the back and a Rilakkuma plushie. Ren had given her an Aikatsu! cosplay uniform and a pink Arpakasso Bag.On the 29th of December. Hiyoshi had called them to his castle. "Are you all ready?" Hiyoshi asked. Ren and Hiroto exchanged glances before nodding. "It sounds fun," Hiroto nodded. Black shadows spilled out from the ground before covering them. They were standing in-front of a tall 9 story apartment building. The air was warmer then before. The smell of pancakes filled the air. "We're here!" Yuki beamed, linking arms with Akemi who nodded. "It's weird being back," Leiko admitted. "Which apartment is ours?" Ren asked. "Number 13 on flour 4," Hiyoshi informed. "Unlucky numbers," Hiroto added. "I think that's the point," Hiyoshi complained, pacing them all a key each. "I will pay for the rent and bills at the end of the month. Furniture and money for food is in your apartment as well as some of the things you wanted to bring along. If you need anything, ring 666," Hiyoshi informed before walking into the nearby alleyway before disappearing. "I guess we go have a look at our new apartment," Leiko added. Opposite the entrance way was the kitchen. To the left of the entrance way was a door leading to a bathroom. The living room was to the left with a large balcony on the back wall. Along the left wall was a large cream sofa covered in pillows. On the floor in-front of it was a large, fluffy rug with a table on-top which had a manga in the middle. On the right wall was the TV stand with the large TV on-top and a collection of games of DVDs on the floor around it. A large hallway went out of the living room. To the left was Akemi's room followed by Hiroto's. At the end of the hallway was Yukis room. On the right side leading from her room was Ren and then Leiko's. Hiroto sat down on the sofa, pulling Yuki down next to him. "Oh yeah, how old are all of you?" Yuki remembered, causing everyone to look over at her. "You've moved in with four guys when you don't even know their ages?" Hiroto asked, watching her nod. Ren crouched down in-front of her, pinching her checks. "Your a weird girl," he sighed, smiling. "Anyway, I'm 20," Hiroto informed. "19," Akemi smiled. "18," Leiko responded."And 17 for the next two months," Ren added. Yuki's checks blushed as she nodded. "Big age difference," she blushed, pressing her index fingers against each other. "Your 16, right?" Hiroto asked, watching her nod. "Only four years," Hiroto responded."So we all start everything in two days,"Leiko sighed, reading a leaflet that Hiyoshi left for them. "In two days i'm starting for the Tokyo division of SDC," Hiroto sighed. "Grade 3 of High school, whats the point?" Ren complained. "I'm going to start university," Akemi added. "What are you going to be studying?" Yuki asked. "Manga, I want to be a Manga artist," Akemi grinned. "Sounds fun," Yuki smiled. "At least you don't need to do an entrance exam tomorrow morning to see if you can get in," Ren responded. "Last couple of months of first year high school," Yuki sighed, leaning her head on her knees. "So you start 3 months before the end of the year? That's annoying," Leiko responded. "Why can't Yuki just wait three months and I'll do SDC missions?" Ren complained. "It will be fun, and plus it makes me happy that we would be in the same school even for a little bit," Yuki smiled. Ren's checks flushed as he looked to the side. "Fine," he sighed. "The letter Lucifer left said both of your uniforms will arrive tomorrow," Leiko added, looking up from the leaflets he was reading. "We have a spare day, right?" Yuki smiled. "Yeah," Ren nodded. "I'm gonna go to Harajuku," she smiled. "Knew she would say that," Akemi smiled. "Akemi, do you want to go do the Tokyo tower with me tomorrow?" Leiko offered. "Yeah, sure," Akemi nodded. "Hiroto, come with me to Shibuya," Ren announced. "Why?" Hiroto asked, looking up at him. "Because we're friends," Ren complained. "Rather go with Yuki," Hiroto responded, exchanging glances with Yuki. "Akihabara arcades," Ren announced. "Fine," Hiroto agreed. "That was quick," Yuki giggled."What should I do about my eyes and hair?" Yuki mumbled. "Ah, didn't think about that," Leiko remembered, watching her nod. "Contacts will make your eyes hurt and as for your hair, its cute I kinda don't want you to get ride of them," Leiko admitted, patting her on the head. "Weird rumors are going to spread about me," Yuki mumbled. "It will be okay, don't worry!" Leiko reasured. The next morning Akemi and Leiko woke up earlier to cook a bento for Ren and Yuki. "I feel sorry for them having to take an exam," Leiko sighed, pouring the rice into the bento box. Both of their exams lasted five hours. "I failed Science..." Ren sighed, crouching down on the ground. "I think I failed maths," Yuki nodded, leaning against the wall. "Your father is going to kill us if he has to find another school," Ren added. "When do we get the results?" Yuki mumbled. "At about 6pm," Ren sighed. "Seven hours..." Yuki mumbled. "Long seven hours," Ren nodded. Ren's phone suddenly started ringing. "Huh? Oh Hiroto. Yeah it went badly.... Science.... okay meet you there," Ren sighed before hanging up. "I got to go meet up with Hiroto," Ren added, standing up and taking a deep breath. "I'm going to go distract myself with Harajuku," Yuki sighed. "Meet up here at 5:30?" Ren asked. "Okay," Yuki nodded. While in Harajuku, Yuki got six shopping bags. Seven hours later. "The scores are up," Ren panicked, noticing them on the wall. "I don't want to look," she mumbled. A teacher walked up to them. "Ah, your the kids who took the exam earlier, how did you do?" she asked. "No idea," Ren sighed, glancing down at Yuki who was pressing her index fingers against each other. "What should I do?" Yuki mumbled. "I passed," Ren grinned. Yuki looked up at him. "I passed by one point at 51%," he smiled. Yuki quickly looked at the board, her face blushing. "Wow..." Ren added. "You passed at 95%," the teacher nodded. "I did?" Yuki beamed. "Your more clever then I thought," Ren smiled, patting her on the head.

"Your uniforms are here," Akemi informed once they got home. "I'm worried at what they look like," Ren sighed. "It's in your rooms," Leiko nodded. The next morning. "It looks okay, right?" Ren asked, walking out of his room. His outfit consisted of a black traditional school uniform however the shirt was unbuttoned showing his black top with a white dragon printed in the middle. "You look like a gangster," Hiroto admitted. "that's the idea," Ren complained, sitting down in-front of the Kotatsu table. "Guys..." Yuki blushed from the doorway. As they looked over at her, their checks blushed. Her hair was tied up into high twin tails. Her makeup was a light layer of pastel pink eye shadow and a thin layer of eyeliner. Her outfit consisted of a traditional Japanese school uniform which consisted of a black pleated skirt which reached ten inches above her knees, a pale purple Japanese tie bow, a white seifuku top, with a black collar and had a crescent moon embroidery on the sleeve, an over-sized pastel pink jacket which reached just below her hips and thigh high black socks. "C-Cute," Akemi flushed. Yuki's checks turned bright red. "What courses are you doing?" Akemi wondered, looking over at Ren who was looking on his ipad. "Animation," Ren informed. "Do you have to do the standard lessons as well?" Hiroto wondered. "Yeah in the mornings, " Ren nodded. "What about you, which ones are you doing?" Leiko wondered.

Akemi opened his left eye, looking at Yuki for a few seconds before closing them and making his wish.

Brightly lit candles were spread around the rose. White rose petals were spread out. A faint sound of dark music was spilling out of a speaker. "It's starting..." an eerie voice laughed as they looked down into a well which was showing the room. "Where am I?" Yuki mumbled.

"I wonder which way is the staff room?" Yuki sighed. Something tugged on the end of her sleeve. Looking down, she saw a little blue snake with bat wings. "A Hebi?" she guessed. "Good luck!" the spirit squeaked before running off. "Talking to yourself?" a male voice asked behind her. Yuki's checks blushed as she turned around. A tall boy with light brown hair was standing in-front of her. A pair of glasses were covering his eyes. "T-That wasn't what it looked like!" she blushed. The boy looked to the side before sighing. "Whatever, your going the wrong way," he added. "I am?" Yuki shyly blushed. "Your going towards the abandoned building," he nodded. "Abandoned?" she repeated. "You can't see ghosts or anything, can you?" he guessed, watching her reaction. "G-Ghosts? Of course not," Yuki blushed, stepping to the side. "I have to go," sh mumbled before running off. "That was close," she sighed. At the front of a classroom was a tall Japanese woman with her black hair tied back in a pony tail. "Today we have an transfer student from England," she announced "England?" someone in the class repeated. "She's different but look after her," the teacher nodded. Suddenly there was a quite knock from the door. "Come in," the teacher added. The door opened with Yuki in the doorway. Her fringe had been cut so her left eye as well as her forehead was covered. "Everyone, welcome Kurayami Yuki to the class," the teacher announced. "Eh? Why so close to the end of the year?" a girl in the front row asked. Yuki glanced up at her, pressing her index fingers against each other. "What should I do...?" Yuki mumbled in her head. "Hey, kid," a voice moaned from in-front of her. Looking up, she saw the boy from earlier. "Why are you always getting in trouble?" he complained. "It's Kamijo Toma," a girls voice whispered from the side of the room, sounding like she was about to fan-girl. "Kamijo, your late, again," the teacher added. "Sorry, I was helping someone out," he responded. "Anyway, go sit down," the teacher responded. "Yes, sir," Toma nodded before walking to the back of the room. "Anyway, Kurayami, would you mind introducing yourself?" the teacher requested. Yuki's checks blushed as she nodded. "I'm Kurayami Yuki, I've been in love with Japan for a while now, please take care of me," Yuki shyly blushed. "She's really cute," a boy smiled from in-front Toma, causing him to look up at him. He kicked the back of his chair before focusing back down on his phone. "Your seat is next to Kamijo, he's the grumpy kid in the back playing on his phone," the teacher informed. All the way through lessons, Toma kept glancing at Yuki. At lunch time. The person sitting in-front of Yuki turned around. A sunflower shaped clip was tying her side fringe to the side. "Hi, do you want to join us?" she offered, pointing to the two girls who were sitting with their tables next to hers. One girl had black hair reaching her neck who was busy focusing on making jewelry. The other girl had shoulder length, black curly hair who was drawing. "Are you sure?" Yuki asked. "Of course!" the girl grinned. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Takagi Reni," she smiled. "I'm Sasaki Ayaka," the girl who was beading heart shaped beads onto a piece of string added. "And i'm Fujishiro Sumire," the girl drawing Reni's bento introduced. The classroom door swung open. "Yuki, your coming with me," Ren ordered, walking into the room and grabbing her hand. "R-Ren? What are you doing here?" she blushed. "They're calling each other by their first names," Sumire added. "We need to talk," Ren complained before storming off. "Yuki, you do understand that we're here mainly to fight against demons for SDC, that means we can't let anyone find out," Ren reminded. "Are you talking about Kamijo?" Yuki guessed, watching him nod. "He's catching on only after a few hours, your the daughter of the devil, you can't have people find out about you!" Ren argued. "So that's your secret," Toma's voice commented to the side of them. "Crap..." Ren moaned. "Princess of hell, certainly an interesting addition to your cute personality,"
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