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Posted 11/29/14
Hi All, Call me tribe.
This is a story I have been working all for a while, so far I have nine chapters written and have shared what i have with some friends. I have not had much proof reading, I know my error is mainly in run-ons and compound sentences.
I am trying to get this published at some point, I have contacted a publisher but they offered crud, So, please feel free to tell me what you think and if you would read a book like this. This is only the intro.

A light breeze sweeps across the plains, bringing with it the sweet smell of wheat. The mature stalks sway in its wake, dancing to an unheard melody. A couple looks unto the natural ballet, staring in awe at nature’s bounty. Overhead a star shoots across the sky, producing awe filled gasps from the two. Three more join the charge, a couple of seconds later more fallow, this time traveling in the opposite direction. A puzzled expression crosses the young mans face. He had never heard of a stars crossing each other. Again, the same pattern they watch on for a time. A red flare fills the night sky, and one of the shooting stars halt’s its path and starts a downward descent. The pair are not scared, it’s happened before, they always disappear before hitting the ground. “We picked a good night.” He tells his companion and they exchange a brief kiss. The star continues to fall, closer to the ground than ever before. Now the young man is scared. “Run!” he yells and their legs start pumping. The object screams towards the ground, basking everything in a blood red hue. A plume of dust rolled over the field, voiding the beauty of the moment. A large hunk of metal lay smoldering in a crater. The duo had never seen anything like it. What they didn’t know was, they had just witnessed the change of their world.

In 2103 Earth achieved its first off-world colony. By 2120 the Martian colony was trading minerals with the earth and moon colonies. Soon they started to grow, the surface of the moon looked like one giant metallic sphere, whereas the mars looked like a second earth. It could now rightfully be called earths sister. The population growth amazes all the experts and soon forces mankind to look for other planets. Europa is terraformed and colonized, but soon that too proves to be too little. By 2189, travel between solar systems is perfected, with time-dilation being bypassed; this leads to the even furthering of the species. Soon the inevitable happens, and mankinds beliefs are shaken to the core. Other races are found, intelligent, and sentient.
Some, are not so different from us, minor variations depending on their habitat. Some had bigger eyes, others had gills, but they remained closely linked to us. The further out they got, the more diverse they became, from giant squid-like puffs of jelly that could barely communicate, to vine-like symbiotic beings that made even our most gifted scientist feel like a child. Most were left alone, but not all. This soon grew to become a debate amongst the colonies, until one day-it grew to be too much. Colonies started to argue back and forth, embargoes were started, alliances were formed. Soon the unity that had brought us all closer together was severed. In its place was a quite distrust.
Soon each planet that had been colonized publicly declared its intent. To either interfere with the development of a species, or to ignore them, and let them evolve by themselves, let them create their own devices. As each system announced it’s intentions it joined one of three governmental bodies. The Venerable Protectorate, were the original four; Mars, Europa, the moon and Earth. They claimed a neutral stake in the war. The Federation for the Advancement of Systems, was the official name for the governmental body that argued for helping the less evolved species. Finally, simply coined The Guardianship, stood for the faction that wanted each species to be left alone. Diplomatic relations went up in flames, and war broke out. The war that was termed “The Last Crusade” By 2237, both governments had raised armies, and navies. The Venerable Protectorate did nothing but watch as the children of earth played with fire.
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