What's the easiest way to meet new friends online?
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Posted 11/30/14 , edited 11/30/14
I guess the obvious way would be trying to be more active in Forums, but I was just curious because it has seemed that as I aged with the Internet, I started meeting less people that I liked to talk to. My first year, I met a large group that was amazing to hang out with and had the same interests in me on a site called Zwinky, then two years later we all broke apart and I met a new group on Mabinogi. After another year, it happened again, and I met a new group due to YouTube content creation.

Now its been a little..stagnant. I haven't met anyone new and through such, Ive become more and more bored since everyone I normally talk to have dissipated due to either life or lack of interest for the internet. So, do you have any recommendations on how to meet people online? Real life is a little impossible since I am anti-social, but it is nice to have a few people to sit up with on Skype talking to or have someone to role play with.
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Posted 11/30/14 , edited 11/30/14
Lol, I RP too.

Well, last year I started playing a game called Eternal Saga. It sucked butt, but it was addicting. After that, I quit (people began to quit too and my circle of friends there ended up fighting amongst each other etc etc). Then a few months later, in the summer, I started playing League of Legends. But i had to (unwillingly) stop for personal reasons. Then around the beginning of the school year, I joined Geeking. There, I made hella friends and even began getting praised as a roleplayer, LOL. I still use it up 'till now. Then, I stopped using my old, sucky CR account and made a new one just yesterday (or two days ago) and is just sprouting in the community. I just like making friends I guess, both here and in the real world.
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Posted 11/30/14 , edited 11/30/14
I play League of legends which is a great way to socialize and coordinate with your team to make plays and win games.

If those type of games are too stressful for you (in terms of using too much micro or macro skills) and you want a laid back way of making friends, there are MMO games that allow this to happen.

I'm sure you've heard of runescape, maplestory, WoW, etc with Rpg roleplay etc etc.
However these games have been dying down and I heard most people barely talk in these games now since (interaction) has become scarce.

I've tried a game recently called aura kingdom which is fairly new! I think it's pretty good in terms of communication between players so far (this may change as with any mmo that drags on long).
so deff give that a try.

You could always wait for maplestory 2 which is coming out soon.....?

GTA5 is also good.

I have only a couple more i can think of but thats the general gist.

Forums are a great way of making friends too, if its only online then its awesome to be able to share your critiques with one another. If its meeting them in real life, you could always arrange something.

For me though, the meeting in real life is a so-so experience... I've only met two people in my lifetime through talking on forums.

The first time was a great experience! I met a girl named Jessica on the forums who lived in boston. I actually had no idea what gender she was since she withheld that until I physically saw her lol. She came all the way down to New jersey (where I live) by train and I picked her up with my car. We had a blast talking about Anime and Manga characters. We drove to NY central park since its close by and had some belgium waffles. I sent her to grand central station shortly and she headed home.

The second time I met someone on the forums they told me they were a guy and the same age as me. We decided to hang out near jersey shore and when i drove there.....it ended up being a 43 year old. But see age doesn't matter as long as we share similar interests like anime. But turns out he was just looking for a "companion" and had little to no interest in anime....I guess the second time was more my fault for not doing research ahead of time since i later went back onto his profile and realized he had no activity except posting in forums such as "making friends" or "need a boyfriend".

Oh well no harm either way all i'm saying is making a friend is cool. Web wise, almost everything is useful these days to cyber connect with anyone in the world.

good luck ;]
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Posted 11/30/14 , edited 11/30/14
Apologies for the close.. personal threads like this tend to get reported quickly, since they're against the forum rules right now.

Around here, the types of places I'd suggest would be http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-3/introductions and http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-835475/the-fraaaandship-thread to find new folks, and http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-1099/the-general-helpadvice-thread if you're having trouble.

Might try some of the RP groups here on CR, and check out the console gaming threads - lots of RP folks are around, and you might meet some new friends!

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