Eureka Seven-Moondoggy is imortal
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Posted 11/30/14 , edited 7/4/15
i have not actually watched Eureka Seven AO, it's on my to watch list... sort of... I watched like 2 episodes and got really confused(i've seen Eureka Seven through about 4-5 times now and the first 2 episodes of AO break minor points of cannon 6 different ways from sunday). So to sort out my confusion i looked into it a little bit and found out about the whole 10k years in the past deal...

Well that reminded me of moondoggy's pilot's license, pictured below... according to the internet Ao Fukai was born sometime in 2012, apparently 10k years before the events of Eureka Seven... well look at the dates on moondoggy's license...

I don't know exactly what it says, but from what i gather his license expires in 2005, seven years before Ao Fukai is born, and over 10k years before renton is born... so i can only presume that by the inattentiveness of bones moondoggy became immortal when no one was looking...

this theory is likely to be shot full of holes by people who have seen Ao, and it's obviously just a date they put on his license to make it look better that was just forgotten about, or even deemed irrelevant for Ao.

i just find it amazing they let him pilot with a license that expired 10k years ago :p

please excuse any grammar/spelling errors as i am far too tired to even notice them myself atm... feel free to rip my silly little theory a new one if you can though... it might actually get me to watch ao
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