I am having trouble picking which anime to start out of my list.
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Posted 12/1/14
When i find anime i'm going to watch naturally i add them to my queue and just put them near the bottom, i have a bunch stacked up and i'm finding it hard to start them considering there are a couple. So which out of the ones in the picture do you guys thing i should start first?

Any other anime that aren't on my list and you guys think are good, feel free to add ty in advance
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Posted 12/1/14
In order of greatness

Hamatora (its like an LSD trip in an anime, the colors are fantastic) > Fate/Stay Night (if its UBW) > Shin Sekai Yori (really good dark anime, i enjoyed it quite alot) > Aldnoah.

I wasn't a fan of strike the blood after the first 10 episodes and they started putting in forced awkward fan service scenes that made me cringe.

Argevollen was good, I dropped it after episode 13 though (not beacause it was bad, but Aldnoah Zero was better and i didn't really feel like watching to many mecha animes)

Have not seen trinity seven as of yet, so i can't give an opinion.
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Posted 12/1/14

Sorry for the close, but this isn't really what the help forum is for.. a better place would be over in the http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-10664/the-anime-help-thread - please feel free to post there, I'm sure people will be able to help (assuming Azazel didn't give you guidance enough to get started).

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