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Difference between Catcalling vs Genuine Interest/pickup
Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/16/15

theYchromosome wrote:

So, like, basically, I've never picked up a girl. The three times (not counting a middle school relationship that doesn't really count) I've been in a relationship with a girl, no shit, have started exactly the same way:

I'm at a social gathering.
I get tired of socializing.
I sit on couch.
Someone else thinks I'm suicidal because who the hell wants to sit alone on the couch at a party?
Someone sits on the couch and begins speaking to me.
He/she eventually says something I disagree with, I question him/her.
We begin discussing something interesting to us.
More people join, one of whom happens to be a girl.
The girl continues past everyone else.
At some point, I look up, and arrive at the interesting observation that I'm having sex.
Depending on how the next morning goes, we may decide to continue doing so in the future.

I fully understand that this is largely a result of the fact that I'm on the more attractive side of the population. Damn lucky too, because I don't think I could actually approach girls that I don't know before they do so first. I don't know how anyone does it, so I don't really have any opinion on catcalling. I did, however, have a drunk girl say "you're hot" and walk away, but I believe that qualifies as neither catcalling nor genuine interest. So I've no real experience to speak of here.

Some people are just born winners I guess.
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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/17/15
I don't see why it's needed to explain the difference between the two. Anyone that genuinely think that they any chance of picking up a partner making compliments or "compliments" at ramdom stragers in the street is really wrong. Though I have the feeling that most catcallers already know that, so...
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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/17/15
This works very well.

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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/17/15
Pickups in and of themselves are cringeworthy.
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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/17/15
I don't know what it is, maybe it's because it's summer. Guys tend to yell things out of car windows.

Today it was a guy asking me my age, I shouted back 23. Then I paused and thought about it and I had to imagine their reactions. For the record, I look like I'm around 16ish. I had to wonder if they they were thinking they were pedophiles or something. Idk but I cracked myself up about it all the way home.

Fuck maybe I shoulda' said 14, that would have been way funnier.
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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/17/15
Im just

Works 90% of the time 20% of the time
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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/17/15

Can't speak for every female but I can't remember a time that I've been cat-called that it was ever not obnoxious or creepy. Even the "genuine" pick ups honestly gross me out at times because for some reason older men are attracted to me. I could understand when I was 13 and looked way older for my age (puberty was overly generous) but now that I'm very much a young adult in looks and age, I realize it's still creepy because these guys are like 40+.
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Posted 7/16/15 , edited 7/17/15

aznzakum wrote:

Hi guys :D

So with the Recent Catcalling subject becoming increasingly popular, many youtube videos of guys and girls being catcalled are surfacing (whether its a parody or not).
One of the famous catcalling videos are:
which generated a lot of hate from the population we know today.
This has been a very debated issue between harassment/sexual harassment/abuse vs compliments/pickup/interest

Now I've started this post because I'm a bit uneasy about the matter. There have been posts addressing just catcalling and posts addressing pick up lines, but none that compare both.
In terms of that video, catcalling has a negative connotation to our society and we see that in the comments and people saying "thats disgusting". From reading the comments and seeing people talk in articles about why this could be considered harassment, I convince myself that this might be a bad thing.

What confuses me is that there are other youtube famous videos made such as videos by Simple Pickup or Stuart Edge in which they pick up girls in their own way.

Simple pickup is dedicated to teaching the male populace about how to pick up girls using pick up lines and having confidence. They encourage males to go out and just get rejected constantly and practicing their confidence. With enough tries, they claim that you can get a girl (numbers game).
They have done some absurd things like picking girls up with a shock collar, or saying harry potter's most cheesiest lines

Their channel is :

Stuart edge is more of a magician than a pick up artist, however he does do magic tricks and cardtricks which involve kisses sometimes (an idea of picking up girls).

So what am i ranting on about? Its hard to explain because i'm hoping you guys could help me find an answer.....I'm a bit confused about the message that multiple people are trying to portray here..

What exactly is catcalling? Can the tactics used by simplepickup be considered sexual harassment (which is like catcalling? since they are picking up girls with that goal in mind).
What makes Catcalling anywhere or in that first video different than what simplepickup does, or what stuart edge does?

Could it be that Simplepickup and Stuart edge do what they do in a smoother way so its less catcalling?

Is there a way to pick up a girl if you Honestly like her without being labeled catcalling?

Or perhaps all of this is just not acceptable, period?

Thanks guys :D


1) Introduce yourself
2) Ask her if she wants to talk or offer to buy her a drink
3) Talk a little bit, get to know each other
4) If it goes well, flirt a little
5) Tell her you want to see her again
6) Get her phone number

This is what any decent human being would do if they wanted to date a stranger who they thought was attractive, although it can deviate from this path so long as the approach is civil.

NOTE: If she doesn't want to talk, don't press the issue; you're saving yourself time and humiliation and it does count as sexual harassment if taken too far.

If you know the person already, that makes things much easier and being more direct makes sense.
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/27/17
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