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The direction of current anime
Posted 12/3/14 , edited 12/3/14

Smeelia wrote:

I like quite a lot of anime with fanservice in it, although I don't necessarily like a lot of fanservice anime. At the end of the day, anime is quite a varied medium and it's just a matter of finding the titles that appeal to you. I think most people can find something they'll like from anime but I'd imagine that very few (if any) people would like everything.

I do think that some people forget that their own personal taste isn't "correct" and that the tastes of others are not "wrong". Just because you don't see the appeal of something, doesn't mean it's actually bad. That's worth bearing in mind because it's better to be able to say "this isn't for me" and move on rather than trying to point out "flaws" in a show that simply doesn't suit your tastes. Sometimes a show will do exactly what it intends to and still not appeal to you (you'll probably find it happens a lot).

All that said, I do think it's worth keeping an open mind and trying not to let one or two things distract you from other elements in a show. Just assuming that you will never like a show simply because it has fanservice (or you think it might have fanservice) could end up causing you to miss out on potential favourites. You might not be able to watch everything in the hope it'll work out but it doesn't hurt to do a little research and try to check if your assumptions are correct.

I agree with what you're saying...

nearly didn't watch Free! because it's all one gender... and I don't tend to like one-gendered shows since they tend to be boring and fanservice-focused.

I've watched one episode of Bladedance of elementalers and decided it was too much for me, to be honest. should explain what I mean by "massive fanservice"... doesn't have to necessarily be sexual in nature, imo. when the characters act tsundere, overly innocent or ditzy (that serves no purpose to the story)... I feel like that is a form of fanservice that appeals to a certain group of people.
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