Learning Language Through Games
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Posted 12/3/14 , edited 12/3/14
Hey guys! Ever tired of studying a language and need to take a break? Why not learn passively during your break? I changed my language for steam and for origin because I saw a video on youtube of a let's play in japanese Skyrim. I thought to myself "well I guess it's just english with subs", but god dang son! It was japanese voice actors and everything! Same thing with Dragon Age and alla kinds of shit! This was all news to me, even if some of you more experienced might know of this already, and I was SO freakin happy about this. I feel like such a lazy ass when playing games when I really want to master the japanese language, and now I don't feel 100% lazy ass anymore! :D
So anyone using this to passevily learn something?
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Posted 12/4/14 , edited 12/4/14
I've learned most of my spoken and written English from games and movies/TV, though the English lessons at school were a good way to learn the grammar, punctuation and other rules. I also have a copy of Kingdom Hearts in German (because I bought it in Germany) and it was a nice companion piece during my years of learning German.

As for other games and languages, I do once in a while check the other language options out, especially when the voice acting is dubbed. I haven't tried to play through a whole game like that recently (other than with Japanese voice acting and English subtitles), but I might try it with something soon. If there are any games with Latin as an option, I'd like to try them since I only had one course of it.
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Posted 12/7/14 , edited 12/7/14
I have always wanted to learn a 2nd language and fortunately have classes in German in school, I found that I can learn a few bits of grammar, new words etc every day if i play WoW in german settings Great way to have fun and get some practice in.
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Posted 12/25/15 , edited 12/25/15
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