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So who is the better director? or Next Miyazaki?
Posted 12/5/14

AnimeKami wrote:

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AnimeKami wrote:

Ciros2290 wrote:

Their work is too different to compare for me to say who I think is better, but I love them both. Miyazaki is so influential and legendary at this point. I think it's unlikely the other two or anyone will be able to take his place for a very long time. if ever. You only really know Shinkai or Hosoda if you're already "into" anime as they're somewhat niche, but Studio Ghibli has a wide appeal and is enjoyed by anime fans and the mainstream alike.

I am very anti-ghibli.


I-I... Point taken...
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Posted 12/6/14
Hosoda is great. But they both are, for that matter.
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Posted 12/24/15
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