Favorite anime fight?
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Posted 12/4/14
Okay first off this forum will most likely have some spoilers guys so make sure to give a heads up first if you think it's an important fight which some may be some may not.

My favorite anime fight ever? Well Tokyo Ghouls Kaneki vs Jason would most likely be up there next to Naruto's Kakashi vs Obito. I don't think i could pick between those two if i had to but yeah those are my favorites. :P

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Posted 12/5/14 , edited 12/11/14
I'm a little old school so I would have to say that the on going fight between Tetsuo and Kaneda in the movie Akira was the best anime fight.
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Posted 12/5/14 , edited 12/5/14
Greed vs Edward (FMA and FMAB) was the first to come to mind, though my favorite is Rob Lucci vs Luffy from One Piece's Enies Lobby Arc.
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Posted 12/7/14
Hmm there's a lot of good anime fights. One prominent one that comes to mind though was the sword fight between Sasuke and Killer Bee. That 7 sword fighting style was epic!
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Posted 12/10/14
Do i really have to say.....NETERO VS MERUEM was one of the best fights in anime history at least in my opinion. The animation was so great and the soundtrack was so beast. Everything in that fight was perfect just the respect that meruem had for netero even if they were on different sides was amazing.

ps. Hunter X Hunter is my favorite anime of all time

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Posted 12/13/14
Itachi vs sasuke best of all time even if itachi let him win sasuke was so cool.
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Posted 1/3/15
Agreed ... and Lucci vs Luffy was good aswell ooh and what about Gon vs. Pitou and Naruto vs. Pain ... dammit too many epic fights are coming too mind but yeah I gotta say Netero vs. Meruem tops them all
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Posted 1/5/15
Well there are just so many good fights out there. Here are just a few of my faves:

Obito vs Shinobi

Even though it was pretty one-sided. Dem feels :|

Kaneki vs Jason

I mean.. Kaneki totally kicked ass.

Chelsea vs Kurome, Natala & Doya

This one totally caught me off-guard. One of the best deaths in AkG in my opinion.

Aladdin vs Leam

The Fanalis and Aladdin were both just epic af.

Tsuna vs Byaku-chan

The Deathperadin' battle!

I have too many to list, so I better stop here 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) ^^
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