Live Action Drama: Which Asian Country Has Commendable Acting Chops?
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Posted 12/5/14 , edited 12/6/14
From this


To this

I just lol on this one

Prince of Tennis

oh, Japanese live action.

Ever watch live action drama? Do you like your favorite manga/anime done by real actors/actresses?


I used to watch asian dramas here in CR.
And that was during the golden era of fansubs.

There are times watching live action Japanese dramas make me wince (e.g., consult the picture provided above) but I still keep on watching them. Sometimes, their acting on this particular genre, to me, is kinda mediocre. They can't separate the idea and the script away from the manga/anime. It's like they are following how-to-built-a-desk manual step by step.

It's good to have references but you have to make things flow naturally. Same plot but presented in a different, creative way. Improvisation that complements characters could be great.

@gayasianboy Do you like your Free! in live action?

[I never ever watch a live action Sailormoon. It just sounds and looks brutal.]

Anyway, here are some examples of live action that you don't probably know.

Kurosagi (onibrotonel's pick)

Full House (onibrotonel's pick)

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Ikebukuro West Gate Park is my favorite Japanese live action drama. It's based off a novel, but the direction makes you think it would be based off a manga. Kokuhaku (2010) and Kisaragi (2007) are some decent Japanese live action movies. Drama adaptations often fail when based off manga, because the directors end up trying too hard to imitate. Kudo Kankuro, my favorite Japanese writer/director, in this sense is very adept at producing his own interpretations. Some include Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Ryusei no Kizuna, Manhattan Love Story and Boku no Mahou Tsukai.

Oh, I just remembered about SPEC. Pretty sure that was based off a manga. It was decent.
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IWGP was very good. So was gokusen, moyashimon, GTO.... Absolute boyfriend was cute.
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Winter Sonata, just for Choi Ji-woo's expressions

Never watched the anime version though.
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I like the live action trailer for Parasyte. it looks good, imo.

found it on this CR news article:

if you haven't seen Parasyte yet, well it's prob the best anime this season xD
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Just want to ask, did you guys knows from which movies this SS is ?
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